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Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow Around Podded Propeller in Azimuthing Conditions

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published 1 July 2012 in Volume 5: Ocean Engineering; CFD and VIV

Authors: Reza Shamsi | Hassan Ghassemi

PAPR reduction in OFDM based cognitive radio with blockwise-subcarrier activation

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published June 2012 in 2012 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

Authors: A. Ghassemi | T. A. Gulliver

Comparison of two maxillary protraction protocols: tooth-borne versus bone-anchored protraction facemask treatment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2015 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Peter Ngan | Benedict Wilmes | Dieter Drescher | Chris Martin | Bryan Weaver | Erdogan Gunel

Effects of Tongue Plate on the Nasomaxillary Complex of Patients with Unilateral Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 July 2017 in Journal of Research in Dental and Maxillofacial Sciences

Authors: S Eslami | R Showkatbakhsh | M Narimani | Z Kamalee | A Jamilian | Resident | Professor | Associate Professor | Faculty member | Professor

The effect of tongue appliance on the nasomaxillary complex in growing cleft lip and palate patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2006 in Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

Authors: A Jamilian | R Showkatbakhsh | MB Boushehry

Tone reservation based peak power reduction in OFDMA uplink systems

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published June 2012 in 2012 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

Authors: A. Ghassemi | L. Lampe | T. A. Gulliver

The effect of anterior inclined plane treatment on the dentoskeletal of Class II division 1 patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2007 in Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry

Authors: Abdolreza Jamilian | Abdolrahman Showkatbakhsh | MeibodiShahin Emami

Hyperspectral image classification by optimizing convolutional neural networks based on information theory and 3D-Gabor filters

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 June 2021 in International Journal of Remote Sensing

Authors: Mohammad Ghassemi | Hassan Ghassemian | Maryam Imani

Effects of Low-Pressure Condition on Partial Discharges in WBG Power Electronics Modules

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published June 2020 in 2020 IEEE Electrical Insulation Conference (EIC)

Authors: Moein Borghei | Mona Ghassemi

Effects of maxillary advancement and impaction on nasal airway function

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2012 in International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Authors: F. Pourdanesh | R. Sharifi | A. Mohebbi | A. Jamilian

A comparison of maxillary posterior changes following facemask therapy: Skeletal anchorage versus tooth‐borne anchorage

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 13 November 2023 in Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research

Authors: Hyeon‐Jong Lee | Hannah Jeong | Jae Hyun Park | Dong‐Soon Choi | Insan Jang | Bong‐Kuen Cha

Effects of Maxillary Protraction with Skeletal Anchorage and Petit-Type Facemask in High-Angle Class III Patients: A Retrospective Study


Authors: Burak Kale | Muhammed Hilmi Buyukcavus

Gastrointestinal Causes of Anemia and Occult Bleeding

OTHER published 20 April 2012 in Textbook of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Authors: Kevin A. Ghassemi | Dennis M. Jensen | Rome Jutabha

Intravitreal Melphalan for Refractory or Recurrent Vitreous Seeding From Retinoblastoma

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 2012 in Archives of Ophthalmology

Authors: Fariba Ghassemi | Carol L. Shields

Nickel effects on productivity of algal periphyton communities

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 November 2015 in Water Quality Research Journal

Authors: Hamid Reza Ghassemi

The Effects of Maxillary Protrusion on Pharyngeal Airway Dimensions

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 September 2014 in Journal of Dental Problems and Solutions

Authors: A Jamilian

Efficacy of intravitreal bevacizumab for zone‐II retinopathy of prematurity

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2016 in Acta Ophthalmologica

Authors: Reza Karkhaneh | Alireza Khodabande | Mohammad Riazi‐Eafahani | Ramak Roohipoor | Fariba Ghassemi | Marjan Imani | Afsar Dastjani Farahani | Nazanin Ebrahimi Adib | Hamidreza Torabi

An Auto-adaptive Fuzzy based inspiration of cerebellar cortex for dyslexic ocular motor control

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published July 2012 in 2012 ICME International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering (CME)

Authors: Elham Ghassemi | Zoi Kapoula

Modern Versus Traditional Existentialism, A Debatable Issue

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2012 in Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences

Authors: Gholamreza Ghassemi | Najmeh Soltaninejad

Lensing effects in inhomogeneous cosmological models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 May 2009 in Physical Review D

Authors: Sima Ghassemi | Salomeh Khoeini-Moghaddam | Reza Mansouri