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Three-dimensional assessment of airway volumes in patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2021 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Bita Kiaee | Ludovica Nucci | Farzin Sarkarat | Ahmad Reza Talaeipour | Sara Eslami | Faezeh Amiri | Abdolreza Jamilian

Comparative Evaluation of Hyoid Bone Position and Tongue Area with Twin Block and Forsus: A Randomized Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 September 2020 in Orthodontic Journal of Nepal

Authors: Raksha Rajput | Suchita Daokar

Comparison of miniscrew-anchored maxillary protraction protocols: a randomized clinical trial


Authors: Felicia Miranda

Cephalometric and digital model analysis of dentoskeletal effects of infrazygomatic miniscrew vs. Essix- anchored Carriere Motion appliance for distalization of maxillary buccal segment: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 January 2024 in BMC Oral Health

Authors: Eglal Ahmed Ghozy | Nehal Fouad Albelasy | Marwa Sameh Shamaa | Ahmed A. El-Bialy

Effects of Triamterene in Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure and Diuretic Resistance: A Randomized Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2023 in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Authors: Mohammadreza Taban‐Sadeghi | Elnaz Khani | Kimia Khezripour | Elgar Enamzadeh | Naser Safaei | Taher Entezari‐Maleki

The short-term treatment effects of face mask therapy in Class III patients based on the anchorage device

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2012 in The Angle Orthodontist

Authors: Nam-Ki Lee | Il-Hyung Yang | Seung-Hak Baek

Effectiveness of anchorage with temporary anchorage devices during anterior maxillary tooth retraction: A randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2019 in The Korean Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Stéphane Barthélemi | Alban Desoutter | Fatoumata Souaré | Frédéric Cuisinier

Re: Rapid maxillary expansion compared to surgery for assistance in maxillary face mask protraction. By Nazan Küçükkeleş, Şirin Nevzatoğlu, and Tamer Koldaş. Angle Orthod. 2011:81;44–51

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2011 in The Angle Orthodontist

Authors: Mahesh Kumar Yethadka | Sharath Kumar Shetty

Effects of Micro-osteoperforations on Maxillary Molar Distalization Using Miniscrew Anchored Pendulum Appliance: A Split-mouth Randomized Controlled Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 January 2023 in Al-Azhar Journal of Dentistry

Authors: Mohammed M. Ellaithy | Mohamed Ali Farag | Safa B. Alawy

Treatment effects of a fixed intermaxillary device to correct class II malocclusions in growing patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2014 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Dean A Heinrichs | Imad Shammaa | Chris Martin | Thomas Razmus | Erdogan Gunel | Peter Ngan

Transverse maxillary deficiency: treatment alternatives in face of early skeletal maturation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2020 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Marcela Cristina Damião Andrucioli | Mírian Aiko Nakane Matsumoto

A randomized clinical trial to assess the sagittal effects of Transforce transverse appliance (TTA) and NiTi palatal expander (NPE) on skeletal class II malocclusion in growing patients during retention phase – A cephalometric study using a historical control group

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2020 in International Orthodontics

Research funded by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik (MUHS/PG-T/55/2008)

Authors: Arun P. Nagrik | Wasundhara A. Bhad | Santosh J. Chavan | Umal H. Doshi

Effects of treatment with oral appliance on 24-h blood pressure in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and hypertension: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2013 in Sleep and Breathing

Authors: Ann Andrén | Pär Hedberg | Marie-Louise Walker-Engström | Petra Wahlén | Åke Tegelberg

Effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on insulin metabolism and lipid profiles in gestational diabetes: Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2015 in Clinical Nutrition

Authors: Mansooreh Samimi | Mehri Jamilian | Zatollah Asemi | Ahmad Esmaillzadeh

Effects of maxillary expansion on hearing and voice function in non-cleft lip palate and cleft lip palate patients with transverse maxillary deficiency: a multicentric randomized controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2021 in Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

Authors: Harpreet Singh | Raj Kumar Maurya | Poonam Sharma | Pranav Kapoor | Tanmay Mittal | Mansi Atri

An assessment of the magnitude, parallelism, and asymmetry of micro-implant-assisted rapid maxillary expansion in non-growing patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2020 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Islam Elkenawy | Layla Fijany | Ozge Colak | Ney Alberto Paredes | Ausama Gargoum | Sara Abedini | Daniele Cantarella | Ramon Dominguez-Mompell | Luca Sfogliano | Won Moon

3D facial soft tissue changes after rapid maxillary expansion on primary teeth: A randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2018 in Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research

Authors: R. Fastuca | A. Campobasso | P. A. Zecca | A. Caprioglio

Evaluation of sagittal airway dimensions after face mask therapy with rapid maxillary expansion in Class III growing patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2020 in International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Authors: Elisabetta Cretella Lombardo | Lorenzo Franchi | Roberta Lione | Alice Chiavaroli | Paola Cozza | Chiara Pavoni

Treatment of a Growing Patient with Skeletal Class III Malocclusion Using Face Mask and Maxillary Skeletal Expander

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 June 2021 in Clinical Journal of Korean Association of Orthodontists

Authors: Tae-Gyun Kim | Young-Jun Lee | Jong-Moon Chae | Na-Young Chang

The short-term skeleto-dental effects of a new spring for the intrusion of maxillary posterior teeth in open bite patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2014 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Riaan Foot | Oyku Dalci | Carmen Gonzales | Nour Eldin Tarraf | M Ali Darendeliler