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The prevalence of posterior tongue tie in patients with transverse maxillary deficiency

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 July 2021 in Australasian Orthodontic Journal

Authors: Wakako Tome | Won Moon

Difference in bonding/debonding chair time between a resin-modified, self-cured glass ionomer cement and a composite resin: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2001 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Vittorio Cacciafesta

Assessment of the rate of premolar extraction space closure in the maxillary arch with the AcceleDent Aura appliance vs no appliance in adolescents: A single-blind randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2018 in American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

Authors: Peter Miles | Elizabeth Fisher | Nikolaos Pandis

A randomized clinical trial of two alternative designs of Twin-block appliance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2012 in Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Michael John Trenouth | Stephen Desmond

Evaluation of the Effects of Different Rapid Maxillary Expansion Appliances on Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A randomized clinical trial


Authors: Gokcenur Gokce | Ozen K Basoglu | Ilknur Veli

The short-term treatment effects on the microbiota at the dorsum of the tongue in intra-oral halitosis patients—a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2013 in Clinical Oral Investigations

Authors: Seida Erovic Ademovski | G. Rutger Persson | Edwin Winkel | Albert Tangerman | Peter Lingström | Stefan Renvert

Extent of maxillary deficiency in patients with complete UCLP and BCLP

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2014 in Head & Face Medicine

Authors: Jörg A Lisson | Catharina Weyrich

Expression of Concern: Comparison of myo‐inositol and metformin on clinical, metabolic and genetic parameters in polycystic ovary syndrome: A randomized controlled clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2017 in Clinical Endocrinology

Authors: Mehri Jamilian | Pegah Farhat | Fatemeh Foroozanfard | Faraneh Afshar Ebrahimi | Esmat Aghadavod | Fereshteh Bahmani | Bita Badehnoosh | Hamidreza Jamilian | Zatollah Asemi

Comparing the effects of mHealth app use and face-to-face training on the clinical and laboratory parameters of dietary and fluid intake adherence in hemodialysis patients: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 June 2023 in BMC Nephrology

Research funded by Aja University of Medical Sciences (1400.006,1400.006,1400.006)

Authors: Mohsen Torabikhah | Zahra Farsi | Seyedeh Azam Sajadi

The effects of corticotomy and piezocision in orthodontic canine retraction: a randomized controlled clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2021 in Progress in Orthodontics

Research funded by Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior – Brasil (001)

Authors: Larissa Salgado da Matta Cid Pinto Fernandes | Daniel Santos Fonseca Figueiredo | Dauro Douglas Oliveira | Ricardo Gontijo Houara | Wellington José Rody | Bruno Frazão Gribel | Rodrigo Villamarim Soares

The effects of face mask therapy in cleft lip and palate patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2012 in Annals of Maxillofacial Surgery

Authors: Servet Dogan

Sagittal and vertical effects of transverse sagittal maxillary expander (TSME) in three different malocclusion groups

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2015 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Cinzia Maspero | Guido Galbiati | Lucia Giannini | Giampietro Farronato

Maxillary expander with differential opening versus fan-type expander: a randomized clinical trial


Authors: Camila da Silveira Massaro

Comparison between maxillary skeletal expander and hybrid hyrax facemask combination in treatment of growing patients with skeletal class III malocclusion: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2022 in Tanta Dental Journal

Authors: RehabShehab El-Deen Ali Ragab | MahmoudI El Shennawy | AtiaA. E. W Yousif

Clinical Application and Cephalometric Evaluation of Intraoral Tooth Borne Maxillary Distractors in Cleft Patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2012 in Journal of Indian Orthodontic Society

Authors: Dhivakar Selvaraj | Sunil Richardson

Effectiveness of reverse twin block with lip pads-RME and face mask with RME in the early treatment of class III malocclusion

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2019 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Rohit A. Minase | Wasundhara A. Bhad | Umal H. Doshi

Comparison of the effects of different rapid maxillary expansion techniques on craniofacial structures: a finite element analysis study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 March 2023 in Progress in Orthodontics

Research funded by Bezmialem Vakıf Üniversitesi (20211211)

Authors: Nihal Kaya | Elif Dilara Seker | Türker Yücesoy

Three-dimensional analysis of the dentoalveolar effects of slow and rapid maxillary expansion in bilateral complete cleft lip and palate: a randomized clinical trial


Authors: Arthur César de Medeiros Alves

Transversal maxillary dento‐alveolar changes in patients treated with active and passive self‐ligating brackets: a randomized clinical trial using CBCT‐scans and digital models

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2011 in Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research

Authors: PM Cattaneo | M Treccani | K Carlsson | T Thorgeirsson | A Myrda | LHS Cevidanes | B Melsen

Maxillary molar distalization with aligners in adult patients: a multicenter retrospective study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2016 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Serena Ravera | Tommaso Castroflorio | Francesco Garino | Sam Daher | Giovanni Cugliari | Andrea Deregibus