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On-demand versus continuous rocuronium infusion for deep neuromuscular relaxation in patients undergoing thoraco-laparoscopic esophagectomy: a randomized-controlled clinical trial (DEPTH)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2019 in Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie

Research funded by Merck & Co. (IIS:IH101012)

Authors: Denise P. Veelo | Suzanne S. Gisbertz | Jan M. Binnekade | Rebekka A. Hannivoort | Johanneke A. Bosman | Bart F. Geerts | Manfred Blobner | Mark I. van Berge Henegouwen | Markus W. Hollmann

Effects of remote ischemic preconditioning in high-risk patients undergoing cardiac surgery (Remote IMPACT): a randomized controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 15 March 2016 in Canadian Medical Association Journal

Authors: Michael Walsh | Richard Whitlock | Amit X. Garg | Jean-François Légaré | Andra E. Duncan | Robert Zimmerman | Scott Miller | Stephen Fremes | Teresa Kieser | Ganesan Karthikeyan | Matthew Chan | Anthony Ho | Vivian Nasr | Jessica Vincent | Imtiaz Ali | Ronit Lavi | Daniel I. Sessler | Robert Kramer | Jeff Gardner | Summer Syed | Tomas VanHelder | Gordon Guyatt | Purnima Rao-Melacini | Lehana Thabane | P.J. Devereaux

Comparison between the Airtraq, X-Lite, and direct laryngoscopes for thyroid surgery: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2013 in Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie

Authors: Mustapha Bensghir | Chakib Chouikh | Najib Bouhabba | Salaheddine Fjjouji | Jalal Kasouati | Hicham Azendour | Noredine Drissi Kamili

A Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effects of Febuxostat Therapy on Adipokines and Markers of Kidney Fibrosis in Asymptomatic Hyperuricemic Patients With Diabetic Nephropathy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2016 in Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease

Authors: Srinivasan Beddhu | Rebecca Filipowicz | Bin Wang | Guo Wei | Xiaorui Chen | Abinash C. Roy | Scott L. DuVall | Hanadi Farrukh | Arsalan N. Habib | Terrence Bjordahl | Debra L. Simmons | Mark Munger | Greg Stoddard | Donald E. Kohan | Tom Greene | Yufeng Huang

A Quality Improvement Intervention to Enhance Access to Kidney Transplantation and Living Kidney Donation (EnAKT LKD) in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease: Clinical Research Protocol of a Cluster-Randomized Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2021 in Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease

Research funded by canadian institutes of health research (Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) SPOR) | Ontario Renal Network, part of Ontario Health (not applicable)

Authors: Seychelle Yohanna | Kyla L. Naylor | Istvan Mucsi | Susan McKenzie | Dmitri Belenko | Peter G. Blake | Candice Coghlan | Stephanie N. Dixon | Lori Elliott | Leah Getchell | Vincent Ki | Gihad Nesrallah | Rachel E. Patzer | Justin Presseau | Marian Reich | Jessica M. Sontrop | Darin Treleaven | Amy D. Waterman | Jeffrey Zaltzman | Amit X. Garg

Long-term Effects of a Brief Mindfulness Intervention Versus a Health Enhancement Program for Treating Depression and Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Randomized Controlled Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2022 in Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease

Authors: Christina Rigas | Haley Park | Marouane Nassim | Chien-Lin Su | Kyle Greenway | Mark Lipman | Clare McVeigh | Marta Novak | Emilie Trinh | Ahsan Alam | Rita S. Suri | Istvan Mucsi | Susana G. Torres-Platas | Helen Noble | Harmehr Sekhon | Soham Rej | Michael Lifshitz

Comparison of the effects of paratracheal pressure and cricoid pressure on placement of the i-gel® supraglottic airway: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 March 2024 in Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie

Authors: Dongwook Won | Hyerim Kim | Jee-Eun Chang | Jung-Man Lee | Tae Kyong Kim | Honghyeon Kim | Seong-Won Min | Jin-Young Hwang

Sex differences in thromboprophylaxis of the critically ill: a secondary analysis of a randomized trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2023 in Canadian Journal of Anesthesia/Journal canadien d'anesthésie

Authors: Karen E. A. Burns | Diane Heels-Ansdell | Lehana Thabane | Susan R. Kahn | Francois Lauzier | Sangeeta Mehta | Marlies Ostermann | Pulkit Bhuptani | Mark A. Crowther | Simon Finfer | Deborah J. Cook | for the PROTECT Investigators, the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group, and the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society Clinical Trials Group

Canadian Spine Society abstracts1.1.01 Supraspinal modulation of gait abnormalities associated with noncompressive radiculopathy may be mediated by altered neurotransmitter sensitivity1.1.02 Neuroprotective effects of the sodium-glutamate blocker riluzole in the setting of experimental chronic spondylotic myelopathy1.1.03 The effect of timing to decompression in cauda equina syndrome using a rat model1.2.04 Intraoperative waste in spine surgery: incidence, cost and effectiveness of an educational program1.2.05 Looking beyond the clinical box: the health services impact of surgical adverse events1.2.06 Brace versus no brace for the treatment of thoracolumbar burst fractures without neurologic injury: a multicentre prospective randomized controlled trial1.2.07 Adverse event rates in surgically treated spine injuries without neurologic deficit1.2.08 Functional and quality of life outcomes in geriatric patients with type II odontoid fracture: 1-year results from the AOSpine North America Multi-Center Prospective GOF Study1.3.09 National US practices in pediatric spinal fusion: in-hospital complications, length of stay, mortality, costs and BMP utilization1.3.10 Current trends in the surgical treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis in Canada1.3.11 Sagittal spinopelvic parameters help predict the risk of proximal junctional kyphosis for children treated with posterior distraction-based implants1.4.12 Correlations between changes in surface topography and changes in radiograph measurements from before to 6 months after surgery in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis1.4.13 High upper instrumented vertebra (UIV) sagittal angle is associated with UIV fracture in adult deformity corrections1.4.14 Correction of adult idiopathic scoliosis using intraoperative skeletal traction1.5.01 Cauda equina: using management protocols to reduce delays in diagnosis1.5.02 Predicting the need for tracheostomy in patients with acute traumatic spinal cord injury1.5.03 A novel animal model of cervical spondylotic myelopathy: an opportunity to identify new therapeutic targets1.5.04 A review of preference-based measures of health-related quality of life in spinal cord injury research1.5.05 Predicting postoperative neuropathic pain following surgery involving nerve root manipulation based on intraoperative electromyographic activity1.5.06 Detecting positional injuries in prone spinal surgery1.5.07 Percutaneous thoracolumbar stabilization for trauma: surgical morbidity, clinical outcomes and revision surgery1.5.08 Systemic inflammatory response syndrome in spinal cord injury patients: Does its presence at admission affect patient outcomes?2.1.15 One hundred years of spine surgery — a review of the evolution of our craft and practice in the spine surgical century [presentation]2.1.16 Prevalence of preoperative MRI findings of adjacent segment disc degeneration in patients undergoing anterior cervical discectomy and fusion2.1.17 Adverse event rates of surgically treated cervical spondylopathic myelopathy2.1.18 Morphometricand dynamic changes in the cervical spine following anterior cervical discectomy and fusion and cervical disc arthroplasty2.1.19 Is surgery for cervical spondylotic myelopathy cost-effective? A cost–utility analysis based on data from the AO Spine North American Prospective Multicentre CSM Study2.2.20 Cost–utility of lumbar decompression with or without fusion for patients with symptomatic degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis (DLS)2.2.21 Minimally invasive surgery lumbar fusion for low-grade isthmic and degenerative spondylolisthesis: 2- to 5-year follow-up2.2.22 Results and complications of posterior-only reduction and fusion for high-grade spondylolisthesis2.3.23 Fusion versus no fusion in patients with central lumbar spinal stenosis and foraminal stenosis undergoing decompression surgery: comparison of outcomes at baseline and follow-up2.3.24 Two-year results of interspinous spacers (DIAM) as an alternative to arthrodesis for lumbar degenerative disorders2.3.25 Treatment of herniated lumbar disc by sequestrectomy or conventional discectomy2.4.26 No sustained benefit of continuous epidural analgesia for minimally invasive lumbar fusion: a randomized double-blinded placebo controlled study2.4.27 Evidence and current practice in the radiologic assessment of lumbar spine fusion2.4.28 Wiltse versus midline approach for decompression and fusion of the lumbar spine2.5.09 The effect of soft tissue restraints following type II odontoid fractures in the elderly — a biomechanical study2.5.10 Development of an international spinal cord injury (SCI) spinal column injury basic data set2.5.11 Evaluation of instrumentation techniques for a unilateral facet perch and fracture using a validated soft tissue injury model2.5.12 Decreasing neurologic consequences in patients with spinal infection: the testing of a novel diagnostic guideline2.5.13 Prospective analysis of adverse events in surgical treatment of degenerative spondylolisthesis2.5.14 Load transfer characteristics between posterior fusion devices and the lumbar spine under anterior shear loading: an in vitro investigation2.5.15 Preoperative predictive clinical and radiographic factors influencing functional outcome after lumbar discectomy2.5.16 A Thoracolumbar Injury Classification and Severity Score (TLICS) of 4: What should we really do?3.1.29 Adverse events in emergent oncologic spine surgery: a prospective analysis3.1.30 En-bloc resection of primary spinal and paraspinal tumours with critical vascular involvement3.1.31 The treatment impact of minocycline on quantitative MRI in acute spinal cord injury3.1.32 Benefit of minocycline in spinal cord injury — results of a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled study3.2.33 Improvement of magnetic resonance imaging correlation with unilateral motor or sensory deficits using diffusion tensor imaging3.2.34 Comparing care delivery for acute traumatic spinal cord injury in 2 Canadian centres: How do the processes of care differ?3.2.35 Improving access to early surgery: a comparison of 2 centres3.3.36 The effects of early surgical decompression on motor recovery after traumatic spinal cord injury: results of a Canadian multicentre study3.3.37 A clinical prediction model for long-term functional outcome after traumatic spinal cord injury based on acute clinical and imaging factors3.3.38 Effect of motor score on adverse events and quality of life in patients with traumatic spinal cord injury3.4.39 The impact of facet dislocation on neurologic recovery after cervical spinal cord injury: an analysis of data on 325 patients from the Surgical Trial in Acute Spinal Cord Injury Study (STASCIS)3.4.40 Toward a more precise understanding of the epidemiology of traumatic spinal cord injury in Canada3.4.41 Access to care (ACT) for traumatic SCI: a survey of acute Canadian spine centres3.4.42 Use of the Spine Adverse Events Severity (SAVES) instrument for traumatic spinal cord injury3.5.17 Does the type of distraction-based growing system for early onset scoliosis affect postoperative sagittal alignment?3.5.18 Comparison of radiation exposure during thoracolumbar fusion using fluoroscopic guidance versus anatomic placement of pedicle screws3.5.19 Skeletal traction for intraoperative reduction in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis3.5.20 Utility of intraoperative cone-beam computed tomography (O-ARM) and stereotactic navigation in acute spinal trauma surgery3.5.21 Use of a central compression rod to reduce thoracic level spinal osteotomies3.5.22 ICD-10 coding accuracy for spinal cord injured patients3.5.23 Feasibility of patient recruitment in acute SCI trials3.5.24 Treatment of adult degenerative scoliosis with DLIF approaches

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2012 in Canadian Journal of Surgery

Authors: M. Shamji | E. Su Moon | R.A. Glennie | A. Soroceanu | C. Lin | C.S. Bailey | A. Simmonds | M. Fehlings | E. Dodwell | A. Dold | R. El-Hawary | M. Hashem | A. Dold | A. Dold | S. Jones | C.S. Bailey | S. Karadimas | D. Whitehurst | J. Norton | J. Norton | N.A Manson | A. Kesani | Drew Bednar | K. Lundine | D. Hartig | A. Fichadi | M. Fehlings | S. Kim | S.A. Harris | C. Lin | J. Gill | E. Abraham | M. Shamji | S. Choi | C. Goldstein | Z. Wang | M. McCabe | V.K. Noonan | M. Nadeau | S. Ferrara | A. Kelly | A. Melnyk | D. Arora | A. Quateen | N. Dea | A. Ranganathan | Y. Zhang | S. Casha | K. Rajamanickam | A. Santos | A. Santos | J. Wilson | J. Wilson | J. Street | J. Wilson | R. Lewis | V.K. Noonan | J. Street | R. El-Hawary | N. Egge | C. Lin | R. Schouten | C. Lin | A. Kim | B. Kwon | E. Huang | P. Hwang | K. Allen | L. Jing | B. Mata | M. Gabr | W. Richardson | L. Setton | S. Karadimas | M. Fehlings | J. Fleming | C.S. Bailey | K. Gurr | S. Bailey | F. Siddiqi | A. Lawendy | D. Sanders | M. Staudt | E. Canacari | E. Brown | A. Robinson | K. McGuire | C. Chrysostoum | Y. Raja Rampersaud | M.F. Dvorak | K.C. Thomas | M.C. Boyd | K.R. Gurr | S.I. Bailey | M. Nadeau | C.G Fisher | J. Batke | J. Street | M. Boyd | M. Dvorak | C. Fisher | B. Kwon | S. Paquette | A. Vaccaro | J. Chapman | P. Arnold | C. Shaffrey | B. Kopjar | B. Snyder | J. Wright | S. Lewis | R. Zeller | R. El-Hawary | P. Moroz | S. Bacon | P. Jarzem | D. Hedden | J. Howard | P. Sturm | P. Cahill | A. Samdani | M. Vitale | P. Gabos | N. Bodin | C. d’Amato | C. Harris | J. Smith | E. Parent | D. Hill | D. Hedden | M. Moreau | J. Mahood | S. Lewis | A. Bodrogi | H. Abbas | S. Goldstein | Y. Bronstein | S. Bacon | S. Chua | S. Magana | A. Van Houwelingen | E. Halpern | S. Jhaveri | S. Lewis | A. Lim | P. Leelapattana | J. Fleming | F. Siddiqqi | S. Bailey | K. Gurr | E. Su Moon | K. Satkunendrarajah | M. Fehlings | V. Noonan | M. Dvorak | S. Bryan | K. Aronyk | R. Fox | A. Nataraj | J. Pugh | R. Elliott | M. McKeon | E.P. Abraham | J. Fleming | K.R. Gurr | S.I. Bailey | F. Siddiqi | C.S. Bailey | G. Davis | M. Rogers | M. Staples | G. Quan | J. Batke | M. Boyd | M. Dvorak | C. Fisher | B. Kwon | S. Paquette | J. Street | M. Shamji | R.J. Hurlbert | W.B. Jacobs | S. Duplessis | S. Casha | N. Jha | S. Hewson | E. Massicotte | B. Kopjar | S. Mortaz | P. Coyte | Y.R. Rampersaud | Y.R. Rampersaud | S. Goldstein | B. Andrew | H. Modi | S. Magana | S. Lewis | D. Roffey | I. Miles | E. Wai | N. Manson | D. Eastwood | R. Elliot | M. McKeon | I. Bains | E. Yong | G. Sutherland | R.J. Hurlbert | Y.R. Rampersaud | V.W.S. Chan | O. Persaud | A. Koshkin | R. Brull | N. Hassan | S. Petis | M. Kowalczuk | B. Petrisor | B. Drew | M. Bhandari | C. DiPaola | M. Boyd | M. Dvorak | C. Fisher | B. Kwon | S. Paquette | J. Street | S. McLachlin | S. Bailey | K. Gurr | C. Bailey | C. Dunning | M.G. Fehlings | A. Vaccaro | P. Wing | E. Itshayek | F. Biering-Sorensen | M.F. Dvorak | S. McLachlin | S. Bailey | K. Gurr | C. Dunning | C. Bailey | A. Bradi | R. Pokrupa | J. Batke | M. Boyd | M. Dvorak | C. Fisher | B. Kwon | S. Paquette | J. Street | A. Kelly | T. Wen | S. Kingwell | J. Chak | V. Singh | P. Cripton | C. Fisher | M. Dvorak | T. Oxland | Z. Wali | D. Yen | A. Alfllouse | A. Alzahrani | H. Jiang | J. Mahood | F. Kortbeek | R. Fox | A. Nataraj | J. Street | M. Boyd | S. Paquette | B. Kwon | J. Batke | M. Dvorak | C. Fisher | R. Reddy | R. Rampersaud | J. Hurlbert | W. Yong | S. Casha | D. Zygun | D. McGowan | I. Bains | V.W. Yong | R.J. Hurlbert | B. Mendis | S. Chakraborty | T. Nguyen | E. Tsai | A. Chen | D. Atkins | V.K. Noonan | B. Drew | D. Tsui | A. Townson | M.F. Dvorak | A. Chen | D. Atkins | V.K. Noonan | B. Drew | M.F. Dvorak | C. Craven | M. Ford | H. Ahn | B. Drew | M. Fehlings | A. Kiss | A. Vaccaro | J. Harrop | R. Grossman | R. Frankowski | J. Guest | M. Dvorak | B. Aarabi | M. Fehlings | V.K. Noonan | A. Cheung | B. Sun | M.F. Dvorak | A. Vaccaro | J. Harrop | E. Massicotte | M. Dvorak | C. Fisher | R. Rampersaud | S. Lewis | M. Fehlings | L. Marais | V.K. Noonan | M. Queyranne | M.G. Fehlings | M.F. Dvorak | D. Atkins | R.J. Hurlbert | R. Fox | D. Fourney | M. Johnson | M.G. Fehlings | H. Ahn | M. Ford | A. Yee | J. Finkelstein | E. Tsai | C. Bailey | B. Drew | J. Paquet | S. Parent | S. Christie | M.F. Dvorak | V.K. Noonan | A. Cheung | B. Sun | M.F. Dvorak | P. Sturm | P. Cahill | A. Samdani | M. Vitale | P. Gabos | N. Bodin | C. d’Amato | C. Harris | J. Smith | J. Lange | C. DiPaola | A. Lapinsky | P. Connolly | J. Eck | D. Rabin | R. Zeller | S. Lewis | R. Lee | M. Boyd | M. Dvorak | C. Fisher | B. Kwon | S. Paquette | C. DiPaola | J. Street | A. Bodrogi | S. Goldstein | M. Sofia | S. Lewis | J. Shin | K. Tung | H. Ahn | R. Lee | J. Batke | R. Ghag | V. Noonan | M. Dvorak | T. Goyal | J. Littlewood | I. Bains | R. Cho | K. Thomas | G. Swamy

Bethune Round Table 2012: 12th Annual Conference: Filling the GapImpact of international collaboration on surgical services in a Nigerian tertiary centreSurgeons OverSeas Assessment of Surgical Needs (SOSAS) Rwanda: a useful rural health experience for medical studentsPreinternship Nigerian medical graduates lack basic musculoskeletal competencyDecompressive craniectomy: a low-cost surgical technique from a developing countryEfficacy of surgical management with manual vacuum aspiration versus medical management with misoprostol for evacuation of Lrst trimester miscarriages: a randomized trial in PakistanGaps in workforce for surgical care of children in Nigeria: increasing capacity through international partnershipsAnalyses of the gap between surgical resident and faculty surgeons concerning operating theatre teaching: report from Addis Ababa University, EthiopiaIntroduction of structured operative obstetric course at Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital with resultant reduction in maternal mortalityA training cascade for Ethiopian surgical and obstetrical care: an interprofessional, educational, leadership and skills training programUndergraduate surgery clerkship and the choice of surgery as a career: perspective from a developing countryIntramedullary nail versus external Lxation in management of open tibia fractures: experience in a developing countryThe College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa (COSECSA) Llling the gap; increasing the number of surgeonsClinical officer surgical training in Africa: COST-AfricaSecondary neuronal injuries following cervical spine trauma: audit of 68 consecutive patients admitted to neurosurgical services in Enugu, NigeriaCapacity building and workforce expansion in surgery, anesthesia and perioperative care: the GPAS model in UgandaKnowledge retention surveys: identifying the effectiveness of a road safety education program in Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaA tale of 2 fellowships: a comparative analysis of Canadian and East-African pediatric surgical trainingOutcomes of closed diaphyseal femur fractures treated with the SIGN nailManaging surgical emergencies: delivering a new course for the College of Surgeons of East Central and Southern AfricaAn evaluation of the exam for the University of Guyana Diploma in SurgeryPriority setting for health resource allocation in Brazil: a scoping literature reviewForeign aid effects on orthopedic capacity at the Hospital Saint Nicholas, HaitiReTHINK aid: international maternal health collaborationsEffect of electronic medical record implementation on patient and staff satisfaction, and chart completeness in a resource-limited antenatal clinic in KenyaImplementation of awake craniotomy in the developing world: data from China, Indonesia and AfricaRegionalization of diabetes care In Guyana, South AmericaQuantifying the burden of pediatric surgical disease due to delayed access to careImplementation of oncology surgery in Western Kenya

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2012 in Canadian Journal of Surgery

Authors: A. A. Nasir | F. Niyonkuru | T. E. Nottidge | A. Olufemi Adeleye | S. Ali | E. A. Ameh | A. Bekele | I. Bonet | M. Derbew | S. O. Ekenze | E. Oluwadare | P. G. Jani | M. Labib | W. C. Mezue | C. Mijumbi | K. Zimmerman | R. Baird | S. Carsen | J. S. Dreyer | R. J. Fairfull Smith | F. Ferri-de-Barros | J. Friedman | R. Gill | A. Gray | K. Howe | I. Bhoj | D. Poenaru | B. Rosen | A. S. Yusuf | L. O. Abdur-Rahman | B. A. Ahmed | D. Panikar | M. K. Abraham | R. T. Petroze | R. S. Groen | E. Ntaganda | A. L. Kushner | J. Forrest Calland | P. Kyamanywa | U. Ekrikpo | A. O. Ifesanya | R. E. Nnabuko | S. Batool Mazhar | B. Kotisso | S. Shiferaw | J. Ngonzi | K. Dorman | N. Byrne | L. Satterthwaite | R. Pittini | T. Tajirian | R. Kneebone | F. Bello | D. Desalegn | F. Henok | A. Dubrowsk | F. O. Ugwumba | U. M. Obi | I. C. Ikem | L. M. Oginni | A. Howard | E. Onyiah | I. C. Iloabachie | S. C. Ohaegbulam | S. Kaggwa | J. Tindimwebwa | J. Mabweijano | M. Lipnick | G. Dubowitz | L. Goetz | S. Jayaraman | A. Kwizera | D. Ozgediz | J. Matagane | T. Bishop | A. Guerrero | M. Ganey | D. Poenaru | S. Park | D. Simon | L. G. Zirkle | R. J. Feibel | J. A. F. Hannay | R. H. S. Lane | B. H. Cameron | M. Rambaran | J. Gibson | A. Howard | A. Costas | J. G. Meara | M. St-Albin | G. Dyer | P. Rama Devi | C. Henshaw | J. Wright | J. Leah | R. F. Spitzer | D. Caloia | E. Omenge | B. Chemwolo | G. Zhou | J. July | T. Totimeh | R. Mahmud | M. Bernstein | B. Ostrow | J. Lowe | C. Lawton | L. Lee Kozody | P. Coutts | H. Nesbeth | A. Revoredo | R. Kirton | G. Sibbald | J. Dodge | C. Giede | W. Jimenez | P. Cibulska | S. Sinesat | M. Bernardini | J. McAlpine | S. Finlayson | D. Miller | O. Elkanah | P. Itsura | L. Elit

Canadian Spine Society01.1.1: Surgery versus standardized nonoperative care for the treatment of lumbar disc herniations: a Canadian trial02.1.1: Wait times for elective spine surgery across Canada: data from the Canadian Spine Outcomes and Research Network03.1.1: Presurgical physician utilization in elective thoracolumbar spine surgery candidates: a nationwide analysis from the CSORN database04.1.2: Activities performed and treatments conducted prior to consultation with a spine surgeon: Are patients and clinicians following evidence-based clinical practice guidelines?05.1.2: Patient-reported disability versus objective physical performance measures in assessing patient recovery06.1.2: Risk factors for work status in low back pain patients: a cross-sectional analysis of patients presenting to the Ontario Inter-professional Spine Assessment and Education Clinics07.1.3: Comparison of symptomatic, functional and demographic characteristics of postsurgical versus nonoperative LBP patients08.1.3: Are primary care patients with different patterns of low back pain epidemiologically distinct?09.1.3: Lack of prognostic model validation in low back pain prediction studies10.1.4: Larger scoliosis curve magnitude is associated with increased surgical and perioperative complications: a multi-centre analysis of 1173 adolescent idiopathic scoliosis curves11.1.4: Superior extension of upper instrumented level in distraction-based surgery: a surrogate for clinically significant PJK12.1.4: The optimal surgical approach for Lenke 5 curves: Is the anterior approach ready for a comeback?13.1.5: Improving quality and safety in pediatric spine surgery: the team approach14.1.5: Posterior vertebral column resection in pediatric deformity: the advantages of staging15.1.5: Minimally invasive surgery in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: lessons learned at mean 2-year follow-up16.2.1: Development of a Canadian competency-based spine surgery fellowship education curriculum17.2.1: Computer-assisted surgery is an effective educational tool for the training of orthopedic surgery residents in pedicle screw placement18.2.1: Validation of the Calgary Spine Severity Score19.2.2: Can triaging referrals with a simple 3-item pain questionnaire reduce wait times for consultations for patients who would benefit from lumbar spinal surgery?20.2.2: Strategies to improve the credibility of meta-analyses in spine surgery: a systematic survey21.2.2: The societal cost of waiting to see a spine surgeon for lower back symptoms in Canada22.2.3: The cost of an adverse event depends on its definition and method of capture23.2.3: Economic evaluation of intraoperative cone beam CT-based navigation for the placement of spinal pedicle screws: a patient-level cost-effectiveness analysis24.2.3: Predictors of inappropriate emergency department utilization following elective thoracolumbar spine surgery25.2.4: Incidence, impact and risk factors of adverse events in thoracic and lumbar spine fractures. An ambispective cohort analysis of 390 patients26.2.4: Factors associated with adverse events in major elective spine, knee, and hip in-patient orthopedic surgery27.2.4: Prognostic factors for survival in surgical series of symptomatic metastatic epidural spinal cord compression: a prospective North American multicentre study in 142 patients28.2.5: A comparison of 2 prospective adverse event recording tools with institutional ICD-10 coding for detecting perioperative adverse events in patients undergoing spinal surgery29.2.5: Assessment of impact of long-cassette standing radiographs on surgical planning for lumbar pathology: an international survey of spine surgeons30.2.5: Long-term patient-reported outcome and surgical survivorship of MIS fusion for low-grade spondylolisthesis31.3.1: The effect of prolonged postoperative antibiotic administration on the rate of infection in patients undergoing posterior spine surgery requiring a Hemovac drain32.3.1: Preliminary results of a Phase 1 trial on the use of photodynamic therapy in vertebral metastases33.3.1: The minimal clinically important difference of the modified Japanese Orthopaedic Association score in patients with degenerative cervical myelopathy undergoing surgical intervention34.3.1: Patient and surgeon radiation exposure during spinal instrumentation using intraoperative CT-based navigation35.3.2: Are postoperative pelvic parameters and sagittal balance predictive of further lumbar surgery in patients with spinal stenosis?36.3.2: Postoperative ambulation in patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty, total knee arthroplasty and elective lumbar spine surgery to treat arthritic pathologies37.3.2 Pain on the brain: Is the SF-36 mental component summary enough?38.3.2: Accurate and safe cervical osteotomy for kyphotic deformity in ankylosing spondylitis39.3.3: Adjacent segment pathology in the lumbar spine: progressive disease or a consequence of iatrogenic fusion?40.3.3: The association of cervical spine alignment with neurological recovery in a prospective cohort of surgical myelopathy patients: analysis of a series of 124 cases41.3.3: Use of neuropathic pain questionnaires in predicting the development of failed back surgery syndrome following lumbar discectomy for radiculopathy42.3.3: Quality of life and neurological outcomes after surgical decompression in patients with cervical ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament: prospective, multicentre AOSpine International study of 479 patients43.3.4: Minimally invasive decompression in focal lumbar spinal stenosis with or without stable spondylolisthesis — comparative outcomes and reoperation rates at a minimum of 2 years44.3.4: Impact of nonoperative care utilization on postthoracolumbar spine surgery outcomes: a national perspective using the CSORN registry45.3.4: Presurgical imaging, testing and injection utilization in elective thoracolumbar spine surgery candidates: a nationwide analysis from the CSORN database46.3.5: A clinical prediction rule for clinical outcomes in patients undergoing surgery for degenerative cervical myelopathy: analysis of an international AOSpine prospective multi-centre dataset of 743 patients47.3.5: A comparison of health-related quality of life outcomes in spinal cord injury patients residing in rural and urban areas48.3.5: Minimally invasive versus open discectomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis49.1.1: Validity of transcranial motor evoked potentials as early indicators of neural compromise in rat model of spinal cord compression50.1.2: Validation of true spine length radiographic measurements51.1.3: Closure of the intervertebral disc annulus fibrosus using a novel suture application device — in vivo porcine and ex vivo biomechanical evaluation52.1.4: Vertebroplasty versus kyphoplasty in osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture model: What is safer?53.1.5: Brain-derived neurotrophic factor promotes intraneural macrophage migration and allodynia in experimental 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A randomized trial of video-modelling versus telementoring for out-of-scope tube thoracostomy insertion performed by search and rescue medicsIndications for prehospital civilian tourniquet application by first responders: an expert consensus opinion of military physicians by the Delphi method

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2021 in Canadian Journal of Surgery

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2019 in Canadian Journal of Surgery

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 November 2022 in Canadian Journal of Surgery

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JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 December 2023 in Canadian Journal of Surgery

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