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Effects of beta-carotene fortified synbiotic food on metabolic control of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: A double-blind randomized cross-over controlled clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2016 in Clinical Nutrition

Authors: Zatollah Asemi | Sabihe-Alsadat Alizadeh | Khorshidi Ahmad | Mohammad Goli | Ahmad Esmaillzadeh

Effects of perioperative supplementation with pro-/synbiotics on clinical outcomes in surgical patients: A meta-analysis with trial sequential analysis of randomized controlled trials

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2018 in Clinical Nutrition

Authors: Xiang-Dong Wu | Meng-Meng Liu | Xi Liang | Ning Hu | Wei Huang

Investigation of the effects of Chlorella vulgaris supplementation in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: A randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2011 in Clinical Biochemistry

Authors: Amirhossein Sahebkar | Yunes Panahi | Ebrahim Ghamarchehreh Mohammad | Fatemeh beiraghdar | M. Zare | Reza Jalalian Hamid | Ehsan Abolhasani

Talipexole: a double blind, controlled, randomized trial to assess the effects and tolerability in schizophrenic patients with tardive dyskinesia versus placebo and chlorprothixene.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1992 in Clinical Neuropharmacology

Authors: O. M. Lesch | K. Boeke-Kuhn | V. Passweg | H. Schuh | M. Herschel

Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial: Early Loading of Implants in Maxillary Bone

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2013 in Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research

Authors: Bilal Al‐Nawas | Frank Krummenauer | André Büchter | Johannes Kleinheinz | Friedrich Neukam | Guido Petrin | Karl Andreas Schlegel | Dieter Weingart | Wilfried Wagner

PP133-SUN: Taurolidine Lock in Home Parenteral Nutrition Patients: Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2014 in Clinical Nutrition

Authors: S. Klek | K. Szczepanek | A. Hermanowicz | A. Galas

Early Progressive Maxillary Changes with Nasoalveolar Molding: Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2020 in JDR Clinical & Translational Research

Authors: M.S. Saad | M. Fata | A. Farouk | A.M.A. Habib | M. Gad | M.B. Tayel | M.K. Marei

Effects of a multimodal lifestyle intervention on body mass index in patients with bipolar disorder–a randomized controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2011 in International Clinical Psychopharmacology

Authors: Waldemar Greil | Kornelia Gillhoff | Luljeta Emini | Caroline Maroni | Joachim Tholuck | Jens Gaab

Effect of Transcodent painless needles on injection pain in maxillary anterior infiltration: a split‐mouth controlled randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2022 in Clinical and Experimental Dental Research

Authors: Farnoosh Razmara | Arjang Baghi | Farzaneh Afkhami

Effects of stylet use during tracheal intubation on postoperative pharyngeal pain in anesthetized patients: A prospective randomized controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2017 in Journal of Clinical Anesthesia

Authors: Nobuyasu Komasawa | Isao Nishihara | Toshiaki Minami

Volumetric analysis on the effect of a customized healing abutment at maxillary immediate implant sites: a prospective randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2020 in Clinical Oral Implants Research

Authors: Danilo Fernandes | Silvia Nunes | Tiago Marques | Tiago Borges

Effects of Oral Cryotherapy on Anticipatory, and Acute Nausea and Vomiting in Patients With Breast Cancer Undergoing Adjuvant Chemotherapy: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in Clinical Breast Cancer

Authors: Berna Kurt | Sevgisun Kapucu | Berna Ömür Çakmak Öksüzoğlu

Retracted: Magnesium supplementation affects metabolic status and pregnancy outcomes in gestational diabetes: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2015 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Authors: Zatollah Asemi | Maryam Karamali | Mehri Jamilian | Fatemeh Foroozanfard | Fereshteh Bahmani | Zahra Heidarzadeh | Sanaz Benisi-Kohansal | Pamela J Surkan | Ahmad Esmaillzadeh

Effects of robot-assisted upper limb rehabilitation on daily function and real-world arm activity in patients with chronic stroke: a randomized controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2012 in Clinical Rehabilitation

Authors: Wan-wen Liao | Ching-yi Wu | Yu-wei Hsieh | Keh-chung Lin | Wan-ying Chang

Clinical Effects of a Pectin‐Containing Oligomeric Formula in Tube Feeding Patients: A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2020 in Nutrition in Clinical Practice

Authors: Michio Maruyama | Satoshi Goshi | Yasushige Kashima | Akihiro Mizuhara | Takashi Higashiguchi

Predictors of Bone Mineral Density Testing in Patients at High Risk of Osteoporosis: Secondary Analyses From the OSTEOPHARM Randomized Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2012 in Journal of Clinical Densitometry

Authors: Nesé Yuksel | Ross T. Tsuyuki | Sumit R. Majumdar

Face-to-Face and Internet-Based Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Compared With Treatment as Usual in Reducing Psychological Distress in Patients With Cancer: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 August 2018 in Journal of Clinical Oncology

Authors: Félix Compen | Else Bisseling | Melanie Schellekens | Rogier Donders | Linda Carlson | Marije van der Lee | Anne Speckens

Is it safe and effective to extract impacted maxillary tooth adjacent to maxillary sinus via submaxillary sinus membrane space approach?—a randomized controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 August 2023 in Clinical Oral Investigations

Authors: Rui Sun | Lin-wei Zheng | Yu-qi Sun | Ting-ting Li | Jian-gang Ren | Ji-hong Zhao

Altered face inversion effect and association between face N170 reduction and social dysfunction in patients with schizophrenia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2012 in Clinical Neurophysiology

Research funded by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (H23 kokoro-ippan-002)

Authors: Tomoya Tsunoda | Shigenobu Kanba | Takefumi Ueno | Yoji Hirano | Shogo Hirano | Toshihiko Maekawa | Toshiaki Onitsuka

Efficacy and Safety Profile of Fluticasone Furoate Administered Once Daily in the Morning or Evening: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Double-Dummy, Placebo-Controlled Trial in Adult and Adolescent Patients With Persistent Bronchial Asthma

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2012 in Clinical Therapeutics

Authors: Hilary Medley | Socorro Orozco | Ann Allen