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Three-dimensional assessment of airway volumes in patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2021 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Bita Kiaee | Ludovica Nucci | Farzin Sarkarat | Ahmad Reza Talaeipour | Sara Eslami | Faezeh Amiri | Abdolreza Jamilian

Evaluation of the effectiveness of a semi-finished occlusal appliance – a randomized, controlled clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2013 in Head & Face Medicine

Authors: Tobias Ficnar | Claudius Middelberg | Bernd Rademacher | Stefan Hessling | Raphael Koch | Ludger Figgener

Effectiveness of Face mask only oxygenation and apnoeic oxygenation in addition to face mask in sustaining PaO2 during rapid sequence induction - A randomized control trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2023 in Journal of Anaesthesiology Clinical Pharmacology

Authors: R Preya | M Ravishankar | R Sripriya

Comparison of miniscrew-anchored maxillary protraction protocols: a randomized clinical trial


Authors: Felicia Miranda

Comparative Evaluation of Hyoid Bone Position and Tongue Area with Twin Block and Forsus: A Randomized Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 September 2020 in Orthodontic Journal of Nepal

Authors: Raksha Rajput | Suchita Daokar

Cephalometric and digital model analysis of dentoskeletal effects of infrazygomatic miniscrew vs. Essix- anchored Carriere Motion appliance for distalization of maxillary buccal segment: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 January 2024 in BMC Oral Health

Authors: Eglal Ahmed Ghozy | Nehal Fouad Albelasy | Marwa Sameh Shamaa | Ahmed A. El-Bialy

Effects of Triamterene in Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure and Diuretic Resistance: A Randomized Clinical Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2023 in The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Authors: Mohammadreza Taban‐Sadeghi | Elnaz Khani | Kimia Khezripour | Elgar Enamzadeh | Naser Safaei | Taher Entezari‐Maleki

The short-term treatment effects of face mask therapy in Class III patients based on the anchorage device

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2012 in The Angle Orthodontist

Authors: Nam-Ki Lee | Il-Hyung Yang | Seung-Hak Baek

Effectiveness of anchorage with temporary anchorage devices during anterior maxillary tooth retraction: A randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2019 in The Korean Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Stéphane Barthélemi | Alban Desoutter | Fatoumata Souaré | Frédéric Cuisinier

Re: Rapid maxillary expansion compared to surgery for assistance in maxillary face mask protraction. By Nazan Küçükkeleş, Şirin Nevzatoğlu, and Tamer Koldaş. Angle Orthod. 2011:81;44–51

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2011 in The Angle Orthodontist

Authors: Mahesh Kumar Yethadka | Sharath Kumar Shetty

Effects of Micro-osteoperforations on Maxillary Molar Distalization Using Miniscrew Anchored Pendulum Appliance: A Split-mouth Randomized Controlled Trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 January 2023 in Al-Azhar Journal of Dentistry

Authors: Mohammed M. Ellaithy | Mohamed Ali Farag | Safa B. Alawy

Treatment effects of a fixed intermaxillary device to correct class II malocclusions in growing patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2014 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Dean A Heinrichs | Imad Shammaa | Chris Martin | Thomas Razmus | Erdogan Gunel | Peter Ngan

Transverse maxillary deficiency: treatment alternatives in face of early skeletal maturation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2020 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Marcela Cristina Damião Andrucioli | Mírian Aiko Nakane Matsumoto

Effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on insulin metabolism and lipid profiles in gestational diabetes: Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2015 in Clinical Nutrition

Authors: Mansooreh Samimi | Mehri Jamilian | Zatollah Asemi | Ahmad Esmaillzadeh

Effects of maxillary expansion on hearing and voice function in non-cleft lip palate and cleft lip palate patients with transverse maxillary deficiency: a multicentric randomized controlled trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2021 in Brazilian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

Authors: Harpreet Singh | Raj Kumar Maurya | Poonam Sharma | Pranav Kapoor | Tanmay Mittal | Mansi Atri

An assessment of the magnitude, parallelism, and asymmetry of micro-implant-assisted rapid maxillary expansion in non-growing patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2020 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Islam Elkenawy | Layla Fijany | Ozge Colak | Ney Alberto Paredes | Ausama Gargoum | Sara Abedini | Daniele Cantarella | Ramon Dominguez-Mompell | Luca Sfogliano | Won Moon

A randomized clinical trial to assess the sagittal effects of Transforce transverse appliance (TTA) and NiTi palatal expander (NPE) on skeletal class II malocclusion in growing patients during retention phase – A cephalometric study using a historical control group

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2020 in International Orthodontics

Research funded by Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik (MUHS/PG-T/55/2008)

Authors: Arun P. Nagrik | Wasundhara A. Bhad | Santosh J. Chavan | Umal H. Doshi

Effects of treatment with oral appliance on 24-h blood pressure in patients with obstructive sleep apnea and hypertension: a randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2013 in Sleep and Breathing

Authors: Ann Andrén | Pär Hedberg | Marie-Louise Walker-Engström | Petra Wahlén | Åke Tegelberg

3D facial soft tissue changes after rapid maxillary expansion on primary teeth: A randomized clinical trial

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2018 in Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research

Authors: R. Fastuca | A. Campobasso | P. A. Zecca | A. Caprioglio

The short-term skeleto-dental effects of a new spring for the intrusion of maxillary posterior teeth in open bite patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2014 in Progress in Orthodontics

Authors: Riaan Foot | Oyku Dalci | Carmen Gonzales | Nour Eldin Tarraf | M Ali Darendeliler