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Treatment plan comparison using equivalent uniform biologically effective dose (EUBED)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 January 2000 in Physics in Medicine and Biology

Authors: L C Jones | P W Hoban

Treatment plan optimization

BOOK CHAPTER published in The Physics of Three-Dimensional Radiation Therapy

Automated radiotherapy treatment plan integrity verification

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 February 2012 in Medical Physics

Authors: Deshan Yang | Kevin L. Moore

Technical Note: A treatment plan comparison between dynamic collimation and a fixed aperture during spot scanning proton therapy for brain treatment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 21 July 2016 in Medical Physics

Research funded by IBA (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) (20140317) | IBA (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) (20140317) | IBA (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) (20140317)

Authors: Blake Smith | Edgar Gelover | Alexandra Moignier | Dongxu Wang | Ryan T. Flynn | Liyong Lin | Maura Kirk | Tim Solberg | Daniel E. Hyer

Use of radiation protraction to escalate biologically effective dose to the treatment target

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2011 in Medical Physics

Authors: V. Y. Kuperman | G. S. Spradlin


PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published September 2000 in Strangeness Nuclear Physics


Exact treatment of the Pauli exclusion operator in nuclear matter calculation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2000 in Nuclear Physics A

Authors: K. Suzuki | R. Okamoto | M. Kohno | S. Nagata

Constituent quark model for baryons with strong quark-pair correlations and non-leptonic weak transitions of hyperon

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2000 in Nuclear Physics A

Authors: K. Suzuki | E. Hiyama | H. Toki | M. Kamimura

Multi-GPU implementation of a VMAT treatment plan optimization algorithm

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 May 2015 in Medical Physics

Authors: Zhen Tian | Fei Peng | Michael Folkerts | Jun Tan | Xun Jia | Steve B. Jiang

Recent topics of infrared effective lattice QCD

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2000 in Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements

Authors: T Suzuki

Treatment Plan Optimization

BOOK CHAPTER published January 1993 in The Physics of Three Dimensional Radiation Therapy

SU‐E‐T‐43: A Methodology for Quality Control of IMPT Treatment Plan Based On VMAT Plan

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2015 in Medical Physics

Authors: S Jiang | Y Yang | L Liao | X Wang | H Li | X Zhu | X Zhang

A method for scoring treatment time efficiency of Gamma Knife radiosurgical treatment plans for brain metastases

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 January 2013 in Medical Physics

Authors: G. Wright | P. Hatfield | C. Loughrey | B. Reiner | P. Bownes

SU-FF-T-599: Investigate the Effectiveness and Benefits of a Treatment Plan Without Field Splitting as Compared to a Plan with Field Splitting

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2009 in Medical Physics

Authors: N Thakur | C Kurokawa | C Liu | J Palta | J Li

SU‐E‐T‐38: An Overlap‐Wall‐Histogram Plan Quality Classifier for Automatic Prostate Cancer IMRT Treatment Plan Quality Control

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2014 in Medical Physics

Authors: T Song | Z Tian | X Jia | L Zhou | S Jiang | X Gu

SU-D-BRD-03: Improving Plan Quality with Automation of Treatment Plan Checks

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2015 in Medical Physics

Authors: E Covington | K Younge | X Chen | C Lee | M Matuszak | M Kessler | E Acosta | W Keranen | A Orow | S Filpansick | J Moran

SU-D-16A-04: Accuracy of Treatment Plan TCP and NTCP Values as Determined Via Treatment Course Delivery Simulations

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2014 in Medical Physics

Authors: J Siebers | H Xu | J Gordon

Validation of a treatment plan‐based calibration method for 2D detectors used for treatment delivery quality assurance

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2010 in Medical Physics

Authors: Arthur J. Olch | Matthew L. Whitaker

MO-E-AUD A-02: Inclusion of Biological Information in Treatment Plan Optimization

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2008 in Medical Physics

Authors: D Olsen

Toward semi-automatic biologically effective dose treatment plan optimisation for Gamma Knife radiosurgery

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 7 November 2022 in Physics in Medicine & Biology

Research funded by EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging (EP/L016478/1) | Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences (NS/A000050/1) | Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering (WT 203148/Z/16/Z) | CRUK ARTNET Network Accelerator Award (A21993)

Authors: Thomas Klinge | Hugues Talbot | Ian Paddick | Sébastien Ourselin | Jamie R McClelland | Marc Modat