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New HLA class II alleles in the Indonesian population

Journal Article published Nov 1999 in Tissue Antigens volume 54 issue 5 on pages 521 to 523

Authors: R. Panigoro, W.D. Greville, A. Kennedy, J. Tréjaut, H. Dunckley

Effect of 2,4-D amine on top and root growth of Indonesian rice varieties with special reference to the change of root development behavior.

Journal Article published 1983 in Japanese journal of crop science volume 52 issue 1 on pages 22 to 27

Authors: Mas SUNDARU, Isamu BABA, Takeshi TANABE, Fujio TAMAI, Yoshiharu MOTODA


Journal Article published Aug 1991 in American Journal of Botany volume 78 issue 8 on pages 1083 to 1090

Research funded by World Bank XVII/Indonesian Second University Development Fellowship

Authors: Devi N. Choesin, Ralph E. J. Boerner

Association of TLR polymorphisms with development of tuberculosis in Indonesian females

Journal Article published 29 Dec 2011 in Tissue Antigens volume 79 issue 3 on pages 190 to 197

Authors: K. Kobayashi, R. Yuliwulandari, H. Yanai, I. Naka, L. T. Lien, N. T. L. Hang, M. Hijikata, N. Keicho, K. Tokunaga

Bacterial community analysis of Indonesian hot springs

Journal Article published 12 Jun 2001 in FEMS Microbiology Letters volume 200 issue 1 on pages 103 to 109

Authors: G Baker

Adaptive evolution of the African and Indonesian coelacanths to deep-sea environments

Journal Article published Dec 2000 in Gene volume 261 issue 1 on pages 35 to 42

Authors: Shozo Yokoyama, Takashi Tada

CYP1B1 gene analysis in primary congenital glaucoma in Indonesian and European patients

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2003 in Journal of Medical Genetics volume 40 issue 1 on pages 9e to 9

Authors: R Sitorus

Endosperm balance numbers among New Guinea-Indonesian Impatiens species

Journal Article published May 1982 in Journal of Heredity volume 73 issue 3 on pages 240 to 242

Authors: Toru Arisumi

1758 Curriculum development for animal disaster planning

Journal Article published 1 Oct 2016 in Journal of Animal Science volume 94 issue suppl_5 on pages 856 to 856

Authors: K. Franks, S. F. Kelley, M. M. Beverly

3D view of chromosomes, DNA damage, and translocations

Journal Article published Apr 2014 in Current Opinion in Genetics & Development volume 25 on pages 118 to 125

Research funded by Planning and Budgeting Committee and The Israel Science Foundation (41/11) | EU (FP7-PEOPLE-20013-CIG-618763)

Authors: Michal Schwartz, Ofir Hakim