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The Indonesian City: Studies in Urban Development and Planning.

Journal Article published 1987 in Pacific Affairs volume 60 issue 4 on page 711

Authors: T. G. McGee, Peter J. M.

The Development of Indonesian Society.

Journal Article published 1980 in Pacific Affairs volume 53 issue 4 on page 777

Authors: Daniel S. Lev, Harry Aveling

Sumatran Contributions to the Development of Indonesian Literature, 1920-1942.

Journal Article published 1978 in Pacific Affairs volume 51 issue 3 on page 536

Authors: Anthony Hearle Johns, Alberta Joy Freidus

Entrepreneurship and Labor Skills in Indonesian Economic Development: A Symposium.

Journal Article published 1962 in Pacific Affairs volume 35 issue 4 on page 429

Authors: J. A. C. Mackie, Douglas S. Paauw

Malaysian Development Planning

Journal Article published 1982 in Pacific Affairs volume 55 issue 4 on page 613

Authors: David Lim

Stepchildren of Progress: The Political Economy of Development in an Indonesian Mining Town.

Journal Article published 1987 in Pacific Affairs volume 60 issue 3 on page 539

Authors: W. Donald McTaggart, Kathryn May Robinson

H. J. van Mook and Indonesian Independence. A Study of His Role in Dutch-Indonesian Relations, 1945-48.

Journal Article published 1983 in Pacific Affairs volume 56 issue 4 on page 790

Authors: Anthony Reid, Yong Mun Cheong

Errata: Indonesian Nationalism Reconsidered

Journal Article published 1972 in Pacific Affairs volume 45 issue 2 on page 219

Planning of Post-War Economic Development in India.

Journal Article published Sep 1952 in Pacific Affairs volume 25 issue 3 on page 304

Authors: W. B. Sutch, N. V. Sovani

Development Planning in India: Exploring an Alternative Approach

Journal Article published 1999 in Pacific Affairs volume 72 issue 1 on page 123

Authors: A. B. Anderson, Kamal Nayan Kabra