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Efficient Parallel Queuing System Simulation

Conference Paper published Dec 2006 in Proceedings of the 2006 Winter Simulation Conference

Authors: Tobias Kiesling, Thomas Krieger

An orthogonal waveform for fully polarimetric MIMO-SAR

Conference Paper published May 2014 in 2014 IEEE Radar Conference

Authors: Tobias Rommel, Marwan Younis, Gerhard Krieger

Bildung durch Irritation im Sportunterricht?

Chapter published 29 Nov 2017 in Bildungstheorie und Sportdidaktik on pages 179 to 204

Authors: Ingrid Bähr, Claus Krieger, Tobias Regenbrecht

Personality and Depression

Chapter published 2018 in Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences on pages 1 to 9

Authors: Tobias Krieger, Madeleine Hänggli, Martin grosse Holtforth, Johannes Zimmermann

Book review

Journal Article published Nov 2011 in Journal of Psychosomatic Research volume 71 issue 5 on page 367

Authors: Martin Grosse Holtforth, Tobias Krieger

Demonstration of simultaneous quad-polarization SAR imaging for extended targets in MIMO-SAR

Conference Paper published Mar 2016 in 2016 German Microwave Conference (GeMiC)

Authors: Tobias Rommel, Marwan Younis, Gerhard Krieger

Selbstmitgefühl und Depression

Journal Article published Dec 2017 in PiD - Psychotherapie im Dialog volume 18 issue 04 on pages 73 to 77

Authors: Tobias Krieger, Eveline Frischknecht

Irritation als produktives Moment im bewegungsbezogenen Bildungsprozess?

Chapter published 27 Oct 2018 in Irritation als Chance on pages 291 to 321

Authors: Tobias Regenbrecht, Ingrid Bähr, Claus Krieger

Irritation als Chance

Book published 2019

Editors: Ingrid Bähr, Ulrich Gebhard, Claus Krieger, Britta Lübke, Malte Pfeiffer, Tobias Regenbrecht, Andrea Sabisch, Wolfgang Sting

Internet-Interventionen: Ein Überblick

Journal Article published 28 Nov 2018 in PiD - Psychotherapie im Dialog volume 19 issue 04 on pages 18 to 24

Authors: Thomas Berger, Tobias Krieger