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GroundCare - Invertebrates as indicators for untreated water and intrusion of surface water in water supply systems

Journal Article published 19 Oct 2018 in ARPHA Conference Abstracts volume 1

Research funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

Authors: Tobias Siemensmeyer, Cornelia Spengler , Klaus Schwenk, Hans Jurgen Hahn

Comparing High-throughput Platforms for Sequencing the V4 Region of SSU-rDNA in Environmental Microbial Eukaryotic Diversity Surveys

Journal Article published 20 Nov 2014 in Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology volume 62 issue 3 on pages 338 to 345

Research funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DU1319/1-1)

Authors: Frédéric Mahé, Jordan Mayor, John Bunge, Jingyun Chi, Tobias Siemensmeyer, Thorsten Stoeck, Benjamin Wahl, Tobias Paprotka, Sabine Filker, Micah Dunthorn

Bearings for Large Capacity Crane Applications

Conference Paper published 12 Sep 1983 in SAE Technical Paper Series

Authors: Heinrich Siemensmeyer, Stephen F. Aaronson

Journal Article published 2001 in Journal of Low Temperature Physics volume 122 issue 3/4 on pages 433 to 441

Authors: V. Boyko, K. Siemensmeyer

Soil Protists in Three Neotropical Rainforests are Hyperdiverse and Dominated by Parasites

Posted Content published 29 Apr 2016

Authors: Frederic Mahe, Colomban de Vargas, David Bass, Lucas Czech, Alexandros Stamatakis, Enrique Lara, David Singer, Jordan Mayor, John Bunge, Sarah Sernaker, Tobias Siemensmeyer, Isabelle Trautmann, Sarah Romac, Cedric Berney, Alexey Kozlov, Edward Mitchell, Christophe Seppey, Elianne Egge, Guillaume Lentendu, Rainer Wirth, Gabriel Trueba, Micah Dunthorn

Hyperfine Induced Nuclear Polarization in Nd2CuO4

Journal Article published 1 Mar 1995 in Europhysics Letters (EPL) volume 29 issue 7 on pages 579 to 584

Authors: T Chattopadhyay, K Siemensmeyer

Observation of hyperfine-induced nuclear polarization in Nd2CuO4

Journal Article published Dec 1994 in Physica C: Superconductivity volume 235-240 on pages 1563 to 1564

Authors: T. Chattopadhyay, K. Siemensmeyer

Liquid crystalline photoconductors

Journal Article published Jan 1993 in Liquid Crystals volume 14 issue 3 on pages 629 to 634

Authors: F. Closs, K. Siemensmeyer, Th. Frey, D. Funhoff

Transport Properties of HoB12

Conference Paper published 2006 in AIP Conference Proceedings

Authors: S. Gabáni, R. Andrejco, K. Flachbart, Y. Paderno, V. Pavlík, P. Priputen, N. Shitsevalova, K. Siemensmeyer


Journal Article published Jul 2007 in Physica B: Condensed Matter volume 397 issue 1-2 on page xiii

Authors: Catherine Pappas, Karel Prokes, Konrad Siemensmeyer, Albrecht Wiedenmann