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Intraspecific Karyotypical Diversity in Brackish Water Fishes of the Eleotridae Family (Pisces, Perciformes)

Journal Article published 2005 in CYTOLOGIA volume 70 issue 1 on pages 39 to 45

Authors: Wagner Franco Molina

Sex Chromosomes in Stephanolepis hispidus (Monacanthidae, Tetraodontiformes)

Journal Article published 2004 in CYTOLOGIA volume 69 issue 4 on pages 447 to 452

Authors: Luiz Gustavo Sá-Gabriel, Wagner Franco Molina

Chromosomal complements of some Atlantic Blennioidei and Gobioidei species (Perciformes)

Journal Article published 9 Nov 2011 in Comparative Cytogenetics volume 5 issue 4 on pages 259 to 275

Authors: Wagner Molina, Tatiana Galvão, Luiz Bertollo

Interspecific genetic analysis of orchids in Brazil using molecular markers

Journal Article published 28 Feb 2014 in Plant Systematics and Evolution volume 300 issue 8 on pages 1825 to 1832

Authors: Cristiane Gouvêa Fajardo, Fábio de Almeida Vieira, Wagner Franco Molina

Cytogenetical studies in five Atlantic Anguilliformes fishes

Journal Article published 16 Jan 2009 in Genetics and Molecular Biology volume 32 issue 1 on pages 83 to 90

Authors: Antonio Jales Moraes Vasconcelos, Wagner Franco Molina

Structural and Numerical Chromosome Diversification in Marine Perciformes (Priacanthidae and Gerreidae)

Journal Article published 2006 in CYTOLOGIA volume 71 issue 3 on pages 237 to 242

Authors: Wagner Franco Molina, Themis Oliveira de Freitas Bacurau

Cytogenetic analysis in western Atlantic snappers (Perciformes, Lutjanidae)

Journal Article published 2008 in Genetics and Molecular Biology volume 31 issue 2 on pages 461 to 467

Authors: Érika Cruz Rocha, Wagner Franco Molina

Discriminatory profile of rDNA sites and trend for acrocentric chromosome formation in the genus Trachinotus Lacépède, 1801 (Perciformes, Carangidae)

Journal Article published 31 Oct 2012 in Comparative Cytogenetics volume 6 issue 4 on pages 359 to 369

Authors: Wagner Molina, Uedson Jacobina, Marcelo Vicari, Luiz Bertollo

Multiple pericentric inversions and chromosomal divergence in the reef fishes Stegastes (Perciformes, Pomacentridae)

Journal Article published 2004 in Genetics and Molecular Biology volume 27 issue 4 on pages 543 to 548

Authors: Wagner Franco Molina, Pedro Manoel Galetti Jr.

Cytogenetic characterization of three Balistoidea fish species from the Atlantic with inferences on chromosomal evolution in the families Monacanthidae and Balistidae

Journal Article published 5 May 2011 in Comparative Cytogenetics volume 5 issue 1 on pages 61 to 69

Authors: Wagner Molina, Lorena Lima, Pablo Martinez