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Amaryllidaceae Alkaloids

Chapter published 2013 in Natural Products on pages 479 to 522

Authors: Zhong Jin, Xiao-Hua Xu

Platanthera fujianense (Orchidaceae, Orchideae), a putatively holomycotrophic orchid from eastern China

Journal Article published 29 Nov 2016 in Phytotaxa volume 286 issue 2 on page 116


Direct Adaptive Control for a Class of Nonaffine Systems

Conference Paper published 2006 in 2006 International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics

Authors: Yu-qiang Jin, Zhi-cai Xiao, Jin-hua Wu

Risk allocation, transaction cost economics and PPP

Chapter published in The Routledge Companion to Public-Private Partnerships

Authors: Xiao-Hua Jin

Linear feedback controller design method for time-delay chaotic systems

Journal Article published 29 May 2012 in Nonlinear Dynamics volume 70 issue 1 on pages 355 to 362

Authors: Hua Wang, Xin Wang, Xiao-Jin Zhu, Xiao-Hua Wang

Epidemiological Investigation of Influenza a Viruses in Laboratory Swine and Dogs in Shanghai

Journal Article published Nov 2011 in Advanced Materials Research volume 393-395 on pages 733 to 736

Authors: Xiao Hua Yang, Xiao Feng Wei, Jian Hua Hu, Xiong Wei Liu, Shao Jin Chen

A Design for Jacquard Wall Cloth Woven Based on National Style

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in Advanced Materials Research volume 1048 on pages 281 to 284

Authors: Xiao Lan Jin, Jin Hua Zhu, Hua Wu, Rong He, Qiong Duo He, Hong Xia Zhang

The Role of OATP1B1 and BCRP in Pharmacokinetics and DDI of Novel Statins

Journal Article published 25 May 2011 in Cardiovascular Therapeutics volume 30 issue 5 on pages e234 to e241

Authors: Wen Jin Hua, Wei Xiao Hua, Hu Jin Fang

Simulation of high power EMP effects on a cylinder object with openings using FDTD method

Conference Paper published May 2010 in 2010 International Conference on Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technology

Authors: Xiao Jin-shi, Liu Wen-hua, Zhang Shi-ying, Zhang Jin-hua

Numerical Simulation of Premixed Propane/Air Flame Propagation Using a Dynamically Thickened Flame Approach

Journal Article published Oct 2013 in Applied Mechanics and Materials volume 0 on pages 1574 to 1578

Authors: Hua Hua Xiao, Zhan Li Mao, Wei Guang An, Qing Song Wang, Jin Hua Sun