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Skeletal effects of RME in the transverse and vertical dimensions of the nasal cavity in mouth-breathing growing children

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2017 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Mario Cappellette Jr. | Lucia Hatsue Yamamoto Nagai | Raquel Mori Gonçalves | Aparecida Keiko Yuki | Shirley Shizue Nagata Pignatari | Reginaldo Raimundo Fujita

Immediate skeletal effects of rapid maxillary expansion at midpalatal suture opening with Differential, Hyrax and Haas expanders

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2022 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Alisson Gabriel Idelfonso BISTAFFA | Luciana BELOMO-YAMAGUCHI | Marcio Rodrigues de ALMEIDA | Ana Claudia de Castro Ferreira CONTI | Paula Vanessa Pedron OLTRAMARI | Thais Maria Freire FERNANDES

Surgical Orthodontic Treatment for a Skeletal Class III Severe Vertical Patient with a Different Initial Treatment Plan in an Orthodontic Residency Program: Case Report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2020 in SunText Review of Dental Sciences

Authors: Montesinos A | Rivera G | Sánchez JC | Ramirez R

Three-dimensional evaluation of skeletal stability after surgery-first bimaxillary surgery for class III asymmetry in 70 consecutive patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2023 in Journal of Dental Sciences

Authors: Piengkwan Atipatyakul | Yun-Fang Chen | Chuan-Fong Yao | Ying-An Chen | Yi-Hsuan Chen | Yu-Fang Liao | Yu-Ray Chen

Complex orthodontic and surgical management of an adult patient with transverse maxillary deficiency and skeletal class III malocclusion: A case report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 March 2020 in Dental and Medical Problems

Authors: Rafał Nowak | Rzepecka-Skupień Małgorzata | Zawiślak Ewa

Effects of Four First Premolar Extraction on the Upper Airway Dimension in a NonGrowing Class I Skeletal Patients: A Systematic Review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 May 2022 in Journal Of Oral Medicine And Dental Research

Authors: Jae Yong Choi | Kenneth Lee

Nonsurgical Correction of Skeletal Class III Malocclusion by Multibends Edgewise Archwire Technique in an Adult

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2015 in International Journal of Experimental Dental Science

Authors: Jian-hong YU | Chien-Chih YU | Chang Yuan-Chieh | Tsai Ya-Yu | Pan Po-Wei

Characteristics of soft tissue profile in patients with skeletal class III

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2006 in Serbian Dental Journal

Authors: Zorana Stamenkovic | Nenad Nedeljkovic

Condylar and ramus volume in asymmetric and symmetric skeletal class III malocclusion: A cone-beam computed tomography study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2023 in Journal of Dental Sciences

Research funded by Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital (KMUH107-7M33,KMUH110-0R74)

Authors: Szu-Ting Chou | Pei-Lun Tsai | Shih-Chieh Chen | Shih-Hsuan Lin | Chun-Ming Chen | Yu-Chuan Tseng

Impact of digital orthodontics on maxillary protraction with implants in children with skeletal class III: A systematic review and meta-analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2024 in The Saudi Dental Journal

Authors: Fawaz Hassan Alzahrani | Raghu Devanna | Yousef Althomali | Nayef Hassan Felemban | Prashant Manjunath Battepati | Amith V. Holenarasipur

Prosthodontic management of an adolescent with ectodermal dysplasia and skeletal Class III malocclusion: A clinical report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2018 in International Journal of Medical and Dental Case Reports

Authors: Pravin Eknath Raipure | Ravindra Shivdas Pawar | Rahul Shyamrao Kulkarni

Editors: Mateus Rodrigues Tonetto

Effects of different force directions of intra-oral skeletally anchored maxillary protraction on craniomaxillofacial complex, in Class III malocclusion: a 3D finite element analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2022 in Dental Press Journal of Orthodontics

Authors: Dhiraj GARG | Priyank RAI | Tulika TRIPATHI | Anup KANASE

Three-Dimensional Evaluation of Pharyngeal Morphology in Bimaxillary Surgery with and without Horseshoe Osteotomy in Skeletal Class III Cases

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2021 in The Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College

Authors: Naoyuki Yoshino | Yasushi Nishii | Takashi Kamio | Takashi Takaki | Takahiko Shibahara | Kenji Sueishi

Subclustering in Skeletal Class III Phenotypes of Different Ethnic Origins: A Systematic Review

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2019 in Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice

Authors: Leixuri de Frutos-Valle | Conchita Martin | Jose Antonio Alarcon | Juan Carlos Palma-Fernandez | Alejandro Iglesias-Linares

Effect of augmented corticotomy-assisted presurgical orthodontic treatment on alveolar bone fenestration and dehiscence in skeletal class III patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2023 in Journal of Dental Sciences

Authors: Hui-Min Ma | Hang-Miao Lyu | Li Xu | Jian-Xia Hou | Xiao-Xia Wang | Wei-Ran Li | Xiao-Tong Li

Psychological state of the patients according to skeletal class III malocclusion symptoms

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 April 2015 in Journal of Korean society of Dental Hygiene

Authors: Sun-Ok Kim | Mi-Young Jin | Byeng-Chul Yu

Golden Proportion Analysis of Dental–Skeletal Patterns of Class II and III Patients Pre and Post Orthodontic-orthognathic Treatment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2016 in The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice

Authors: Mariliani Chicarelli | Fernanda P Bragatto | Amanda VB Kasuya | Wilton M Takeshita | Liogi Iwaki-Filho | Lilian CV Iwaki

Comparison of Changes in Intraoral Dynamic Space (Donders Space) with Myofunctional Therapy in Skeletal Class II Division 1 Malocclusion: An In Vivo Study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 13 September 2023 in The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice

Authors: Smita Kumari | Ranjit Kamble | Farog Alam | Karthika Nambiar | Dhwani Suchak | Nandlal Toshniwal

Orthodontic-Surgical Approach for Treating Skeletal Class III Malocclusion: About A Case Report

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 September 2022 in Saudi Journal of Oral and Dental Research

Authors: Ghassen Kallel | Wiem Ben Amor | Karima Dabbar | Ines Dallel | Samir Tobji | Adel Ben Amor

The combination of the mandibular Köle procedure and bilateral sagittal splitting in orthognathic surgery has positive effect in esthetics and function for short-throat-length skeletal class III patient

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2023 in Journal of Dental Sciences

Authors: Tracy Yi-Hsuan Lee | Chia-Nan Hung | Johnson Hsin-Chung Cheng | Chih-Yuan Fang