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Two classes of collagen-tailed, asymmetric molecular forms of acetylcholinesterase in skeletal muscle: differential effects of denervation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1984 in Neurochemistry International


Evaluation of nasal airflow resistance of operated unilateral cleft lip and palate surgery patients compared with skeletal class III individuals

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2020 in International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology

Authors: Mert Ataol | Ümit Ertaş

Influence of Fixed Orthodontic Therapy on Pharyngeal Airway Dimensions after Correction of Class-I, -II and -III Skeletal Profiles in Adolescents

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 January 2021 in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Authors: Yara Al Senani | Al Jouharah Al Shammery | Abeer Al Nafea | Nisreen Al Absi | Omar Al Kadhi | Deema Al-Shammery

Comparison of dentoskeletal changes in skeletal class II cases using two different fixed functional appliances: Forsus fatigue resistant device and powerscope class II corrector—A clinical study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2021 in Journal of International Oral Health

Authors: AravindKumar Subramanian | RemmiyaMary Varghese | Swapna Sreenivasagan

Dermatoglyphics: A Noninvasive Diagnostic Tool in Predicting Class III Skeletal Malocclusion in Children

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 14 July 2021 in International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry

Authors: Arvind Sridhara | Sunil Raj Noojadi | Ashwitha C Belludi | Narayana Chandra Kumar

Treatment of Skeletal Class III and Anterior Open Bite Using a Multibracket System Combined with Oral Myofunctional Therapy

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 June 2021 in International Journal of Oral-Medical Sciences

Authors: Shinichi Negishi | Takemi Goseki | Sho Kuroe | Kota Sato | Kazutaka Kasai

A classification and characterization of skeletal class III on etio-pathogenic basis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2001 in International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Authors: S.-X. Hong | C.-K. Yi

Palatal cleft gap correlates with developement of skeletal class III maloclusion

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2019 in International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Authors: A.-C. Valcourt | A.-F. Chouinard | P.-E. Landry


JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2024 in International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Authors: S. On | S. On

Four‐dimensional assessment of facial expression before and after orthognathic surgery in skeletal Class III patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2023 in Oral Science International

Authors: Kiyohide Ishihata | Toshiro Kibe | Chang‐Hwan Seong | Ryouhei Tada | Etsuro Nozoe | Norifumi Nakamura

Scavenging activity can produce predictable patterns in surface skeletal remains scattering: Observations and comments from two experiments

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2009 in Forensic Science International

Authors: Yvonne P. Kjorlien | Owen B. Beattie | Arthur E. Peterson

The correlation between Class I, II, III dental and skeletal malocclusion in ethnic Javanese: A cross sectional study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2020 in Journal of International Oral Health

Authors: IGusti Aju Wahju Ardani | DanityaW Heswari | Alida Alida

The effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation on skeletal muscle architecture and qualitative properties in vivo

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 December 2009 in International Journal of Contents

Authors: Jeong-Woo Lee | Se-Won Yoon

Effects of Thermal Injury on Skeletal Metabolism in Two Strains of Mice

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 November 2002 in Calcified Tissue International

Authors: S.C. Miller | B.M. Bowman | C.C. Siska | J. Shelby

Improved Superelastic NiTi wire for the Treatment of Adult Skeletal Class III Malocclusion in a Surgery-first Case

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2016 in International Journal of Experimental Dental Science

Authors: Jian-hong YU | Ya-Yu Tsai | Chih-Yu Fang

Morphological Changes of Skeletal Class III Malocclusion in Mixed Dentition with Protraction Combined Activities

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2018 in International Journal of Morphology

Authors: Fan-Yu Xu | Tae-Geon Kwon | Hu Rong | Hee-Moon Kyung | Li Bing | Xiu-Ping Wu

Peer review report 2 on “Impact on the upper airway space of different types of orthognathic surgery for the correction of skeletal class III malocclusion: A systematic review and meta-analysis”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2017 in International Journal of Surgery

Preoperative cephalometric analysis of skeletal Class III patients treated with maxillary advancements

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2011 in International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Authors: C.L. Pereira-Stabile | M.W. Ochs | M. de Moraes | R.W.F. Moreira

Mandibular symphyseal distraction osteogenesis with stepwise osteotomy in adult skeletal class III patient

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2006 in International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Authors: K.C. Tae | K.W. Kang | S.C. Kim | S.K. Min

Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics technique: rapid pre-surgical orthodontics for skeletal class III malocclusion patients

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2011 in International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Authors: M. Cai | G. Shen | B. Fang