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Using different types of anti-scalants at the Al-Jubail power and desalination plant in Saudi Arabia

Journal Article published Aug 1994 in Desalination volume 97 issue 1-3 on pages 17 to 28

Authors: Saleh Al-Zahrani, Abdullah M. Al-Ajlan, Abdullah M. Al-Jardan

Performance evaluation of SWCC SWRO plants

Journal Article published Jan 1989 in Desalination volume 74 on pages 37 to 50

Authors: Ata M. Hassan, Saleh Al-Jarrah, Thabet Al-Lohibi, Abdullah Al-Hamdan, Lufti M. Bakheet, Mohamed M.I. Al-Amri

Erosion of construction materials in a reverse osmosis plant utilizing seawater in Kuwait

Journal Article published Jul 2000 in Desalination volume 129 issue 2 on pages 137 to 145

Authors: A. Al-Odwani, M. Al-Tabtabaei, A. Al-Hashim, J. Carew, F. Al-Atram

Friction welding of Al-Al, Al-steel, and steel-steel samples

Journal Article published Feb 1996 in Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance volume 5 issue 1 on pages 89 to 99

Authors: A.Z Sahin, B.S Yilbas, A.Z Al-Garni

Modeling the risk of groundwater contamination using modified DRASTIC and GIS in Amman-Zerqa Basin, Jordan

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2014 in Open Engineering volume 4 issue 3

Authors: Abdulla Al-Rawabdeh, Nadhir Al-Ansari, Ahmed Al-Taani, Fadi Al-Khateeb, Sven Knutsson

Marine macrofouling: a review of control technology in the context of an on-line experiment in the turbine condenser water box of Al-Jubail Phase-1 power/MSF plants

Journal Article published May 2003 in Desalination volume 154 issue 3 on pages 277 to 290

Authors: P.K. Abdul Azis, Ibrahim Al-Tisan, Mohammed Al-Daili, Troy N. Green, Khalid Ba-Mardouf, Saeed Ali Al-Qahtani, Khalid Al-Sabai

Microwave assisted rapid growth of Mg(OH)2 nanosheet networks for ethanol chemical sensor application

Journal Article published Apr 2012 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 519 on pages 4 to 8

Authors: Faten Al-Hazmi, Ahmad Umar, G.N. Dar, A.A. Al-Ghamdi, S.A. Al-Sayari, A. Al-Hajry, S.H. Kim, Reem M. Al-Tuwirqi, Fowzia Alnowaiserb, Farid El-Tantawy

Preparation, characterisation and optical properties of zinc oxide nanoparticles obtained by new intercalation chemical route

Journal Article published 2009 in International Journal of Nanoparticles volume 2 issue 1/2/3/4/5/6 on page 100

Authors: A.A. Al Ghamdi, S. Al Heniti, E.H. El Mossalamy, M. Al Assiri, H. Al Gharni, A. Al Hajry, Nadia Abdel Aal, Farid El Tantawy

Failure Analysis of a Pressure Transmitter Line

Journal Article published 31 Jan 2014 in Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention volume 14 issue 2 on pages 247 to 252

Authors: Abdulmohsin Al-Sahli, Abdulaziz Al-Meshari, Saud Al-Subai, Mohammed Al-Rabie, Saeed Al-Shahrani

Influence of Cr substitution on Debye-Waller factor and related structural parameters of ZnFe2-xCrxO4 spinels

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 701 on pages 474 to 486

Authors: Kadhim A.M. Khalaf, A.D. Al Rawas, A.M. Gismelssed, Ahmed Al Jamel, Salwan K.J. Al Ani, M.S. Shongwe, K.O. Al Riyami, S.R. Al Alawi