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Influence of Cr substitution on Debye-Waller factor and related structural parameters of ZnFe 2-x Cr x O 4 spinels

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 701 on pages 474 to 486

Authors: Kadhim A.M. Khalaf, A.D. Al Rawas, A.M. Gismelssed, Ahmed Al Jamel, Salwan K.J. Al Ani, M.S. Shongwe, K.O. Al Riyami, S.R. Al Alawi

Microwave assisted rapid growth of Mg(OH)2 nanosheet networks for ethanol chemical sensor application

Journal Article published Apr 2012 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 519 on pages 4 to 8

Authors: Faten Al-Hazmi, Ahmad Umar, G.N. Dar, A.A. Al-Ghamdi, S.A. Al-Sayari, A. Al-Hajry, S.H. Kim, Reem M. Al-Tuwirqi, Fowzia Alnowaiserb, Farid El-Tantawy

Thermodynamic analysis of alloys Ti–Al, Ti–V, Al–V and Ti–Al–V

Journal Article published Jul 2008 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 460 issue 1-2 on pages 164 to 171

Authors: Ana Kostov, Dragana Živković

Effects of laser irradiation on optical properties of amorphous and annealed Ga15Se81In4 and Ga15Se79In6 chalcogenide thin films

Journal Article published Aug 2010 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 505 issue 1 on pages 229 to 234

Authors: A.A. Al-Ghamdi, Shamshad A. Khan, S. Al-Heniti, F.A. Al-Agel, T. Al-Harbi, M. Zulfequar

Caractérisation de trois nouvelles phases ternaires, Nb(Pd, Al)2 et Nb(Ru, Al)2 de type MgZn2, et NbRu2Al de type BiF3, dans les systémes NbPdAl et NbRuAl

Journal Article published Nov 1993 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 201 issue 1-2 on pages 57 to 60

Authors: P. Cerba, M. Vilasi, B. Malaman, J. Steinmetz

Photodiode and photocapacitor properties of Au/CdTe/p-Si/Al device

Journal Article published Oct 2015 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 646 on pages 1151 to 1156

Authors: Ammar Sadik Dahlan, A. Tataroğlu, Ahmed A. Al-Ghamdi, Attieh A. Al-Ghamdi, S. Bin-Omran, Yusuf Al-Turki, Farid El-Tantawy, F. Yakuphanoglu

Negative-differential-resistance effects in TlInTe2 ternary semiconductor

Journal Article published Sep 2009 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 484 issue 1-2 on pages 561 to 566

Authors: A.A. Al-Ghamdi, A.T. Nagat, F.S. Bahabri, R.H. Al-orainy, S.R. Al-harbi, F.S. Al-Hazmi

Influence of Zn 2+ ions on the structural and electrical properties of Mg 1−x Zn x FeCrO 4 spinels

Journal Article published Feb 2016 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 657 on pages 733 to 747

Authors: K.A.M. Khalaf, A.D. Al-Rawas, H.M. Widatallah, K.S. Al-Rashdi, A. Sellai, A.M. Gismelseed, Mohd Hashim, S.K. Jameel, M.S. Al-Ruqeishi, K.O. Al-Riyami, M. Shongwe, A.H. Al-Rajhi

Structure and properties of the Mn doped CeO2 thin film grown on LaAlO3 (001) via a modified sol–gel spin-coating technique

Journal Article published Aug 2015 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 640 on pages 122 to 127

Research funded by NSTIP | Science and Technology Unit, King Abdulaziz University

Authors: Waleed E. Mahmoud, A.A. Al-Ghamdi, F.A. Al-Agel, E. Al-Arfaj, F.S. Shokr, S.A. Al-Gahtany, Ahmed Alshahrie, M. Hafez, L.M. Bronstein, Gary W. Beall

Medium-ranged interactions of transition-metal (3d and 4d) impurity pairs in Al and atomic structures of Al-rich Al–transition-metal alloys

Journal Article published May 2007 in Journal of Alloys and Compounds volume 434-435 on pages 572 to 576

Authors: T. Hoshino, N. Fujima, M. Asato, R. Tamura