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Microbial Safety and Sanitation of Fruits and Fruit Products

Chapter published 1 Aug 2012 in Handbook of Fruits and Fruit Processing on pages 333 to 351

Authors: Sameer Al-Zenki, Husam Al-Omirah, Jiwan S. Sidhu

Personal Health Records

Book published 30 Apr 2011

Authors: Mohammad Al-Ubaydli

Radial EUS: Normal Anatomy

Chapter published in Endoscopic Ultrasonography on pages 35 to 41

Authors: Mohammad Al-Haddad, Michael B. Wallace

Critical Illness Myopathy

Chapter published 18 May 2010 in International Neurology on pages 447 to 448

Authors: Muhammad Al-Lozi, Alan Pestronk

Inaccessible Ovaries at Oocyte Retrieval

Chapter published 28 Mar 2012 in Assisted Reproduction Techniques on pages 236 to 238

Authors: Hazem Al-Rumaih

10 Virtues of Outstanding Leaders

Book published 9 Apr 2013

Authors: Al Gini, Ronald M. Green

Surgical Historical Overview

Chapter published 25 Jan 2012 in Endometriosis on pages 293 to 298

Authors: Ayman Al-Talib, Togas Tulandi

Challenges and Limitations of Electroanatomical Mapping Technologies

Chapter published in Cardiac Mapping on pages 117 to 126

Authors: Jeff M. Hsing, Paul Zei, Henry H. Hsia, Paul J. Wang, Amin Al-Ahmad

Mycobacterial Infections of the Skin

Chapter published 24 May 2011 in Harper's Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology on pages 57.1 to 57.12

Authors: Lisa McNally, Huda Al-Ansari, Vas Novelli

Patellar Options in Revision Knee Arthroplasty

Chapter published 31 Oct 2011 in Evidence-Based Orthopedics on pages 257 to 262

Authors: Hatem Al-Harbi, Paul Zalzal