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A cluster randomised controlled trial to determine the effect of community mobilisation and advocacy on men’s use of violence in periurban South Africa: study protocol

Journal Article published Mar 2018 in BMJ Open volume 8 issue 3 on page e017579

Research funded by South African Medical Research Council

Authors: Nicola J Christofides, Abigail M Hatcher, Angelica Pino, Dumisani Rebombo, Ruari Santiago McBride, Althea Anderson, Dean Peacock

Long-term effectiveness of the community-based Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) lifestyle intervention: a cohort study

Journal Article published Nov 2013 in BMJ Open volume 3 issue 11 on page e003751

Authors: Lillian Kent, Darren Morton, Trevor Hurlow, Paul Rankin, Althea Hanna, Hans Diehl

Medical Students and Medical Sciences

Journal Article published 1 Jun 1955 in Postgraduate Medical Journal volume 31 issue 356 on pages 319 to 319

Medical Education and Medical Care

Journal Article published 1 Apr 1978 in Postgraduate Medical Journal volume 54 issue 630 on pages 293 to 293

Protocol investigating the clinical utility of an objective measure of activity and attention (QbTest) on diagnostic and treatment decision-making in children and young people with ADHD—‘AssessingQbTestUtility inADHD’ (AQUA): a randomised controlled trial

Journal Article published Dec 2014 in BMJ Open volume 4 issue 12 on page e006838

Authors: Charlotte L Hall, Gemma M Walker, Althea Z Valentine, Boliang Guo, Catherine Kaylor-Hughes, Marilyn James, David Daley, Kapil Sayal, Chris Hollis

Protocol Evaluating the effectiveness of a school-based group programme for parents of children at risk of ADHD: the ‘PArents, Teachers and CHildren WORKing Together (PATCHWORK)’ cluster RCT protocol

Journal Article published 2012 in BMJ Open volume 2 issue 5 on page e001783

Authors: Kapil Sayal, David Daley, Marilyn James, Min Yang, Martin J Batty, John A Taylor, Sarah Pass, Christopher James Sampson, Edward Sellman, Althea Valentine, Chris Hollis

Medical Botany

Journal Article published 1 Jan 1952 in Postgraduate Medical Journal volume 28 issue 315 on pages 65 to 65

Medical Electronics

Journal Article published 1 May 1954 in Postgraduate Medical Journal volume 30 issue 343 on pages 264 to 264

Medical Hypnosis

Journal Article published 1 Aug 1953 in Postgraduate Medical Journal volume 29 issue 334 on pages 424 to 425

Medical Jurisprudence

Journal Article published 1 Dec 1953 in Postgraduate Medical Journal volume 29 issue 338 on pages 630 to 630