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‘Of Course They’re Bloody Scared!’ Managing Medical Student Fear to Better Cultivate Thinking

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2018 in Medical Science Educator

Research funded by Otago School of Medical Sciences

Authors: Althea Gamble Blakey, Clinton Golding

Journal Article published 1999 in The American Journal of Psychoanalysis volume 59 issue 2 on pages 167 to 169

Authors: Althea J. Horner

Journal Article published 1997 in The American Journal of Psychoanalysis volume 57 issue 1 on pages 75 to 78

Authors: Althea J. Horner


Journal Article published Dec 1981 in Group volume 5 issue 4 on pages 12 to 15

Authors: Althea J. Horner

Reexpression of a T/t-complex antigen (t12) in thymocyte � embryonal carcinoma cell hybrids

Journal Article published Jul 1981 in Somatic Cell Genetics volume 7 issue 4 on pages 423 to 434

Authors: Karen Artzt, Rae J. Jacobs-Cohen, Althea DiMeo, Althea K. Alton, Gretchen Darlington

Content Analysis: It’s Not Bean-Counting

Journal Article published 7 Nov 2015 in Academic Questions volume 28 issue 4 on pages 472 to 479

Authors: Althea Nagai

Book reviews

Journal Article published 1988 in Astrophysics and Space Science volume 141 issue 1 on pages 185 to 190

Authors: Althea Wilkinson, John Dyson

Discussion of ?compulsive personality disorder?

Journal Article published Sep 1982 in The American Journal of Psychoanalysis volume 42 issue 3 on pages 199 to 205

Authors: Althea J. Horner

Abortion and social change in America

Journal Article published Jan 1990 in Society volume 27 issue 2 on pages 8 to 15

Authors: Robert Lerner, Althea K. Nagai, Stanley Rothman

Visions of the Self

Journal Article published Dec 1994 in The American Journal of Psychoanalysis volume 54 issue 4 on pages 359 to 362

Authors: Althea J. Horner