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A Message from Professor Jean-Claude Charpentier

Journal Article published Jan 2003 in Chemical Engineering Research and Design volume 81 issue 1 on page 1

Authors: Jean-Claude Charpentier

Journal Issue published Jul 2012 in Chemical Engineering & Technology volume 35 issue 7

Editors: Jean-Claude Charpentier


Journal Article published Sep 1997 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 52 issue 18 on pages iii to iv

Authors: Jean-Claude Charpentier

GERM 2009

Journal Article published Apr 2010 in Comptes Rendus Chimie volume 13 issue 4 on page 387

Authors: Thibault Charpentier

Release of Nucleotides and Nucleosides during Yeast Autolysis:  Kinetics and Potential Impact on Flavor

Journal Article published Apr 2005 in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry volume 53 issue 8 on pages 3000 to 3007

Authors: Claudine Charpentier, Jerome Aussenac, Monique Charpentier, Jean-Claude Prome, Bruno Duteurtre, Michel Feuillat

Fe doped TiO2–graphene nanostructures: synthesis, DFT modeling and photocatalysis

Journal Article published 8 Jul 2014 in Nanotechnology volume 25 issue 30 on page 305601

Authors: Nasrin Farhangi, Serge Ayissi, Paul A Charpentier

Preparation of thin film SOFCs working at reduced temperature

Journal Article published 1 Nov 2000 in Solid State Ionics volume 135 issue 1-4 on pages 373 to 380

Authors: P Charpentier

.alpha.-Acylcarbenium ions

Journal Article published Jul 1980 in Accounts of Chemical Research volume 13 issue 7 on pages 207 to 212

Authors: Jean Pierre Begue, Micheline Charpentier-Morize

Process Intensification by Miniaturization

Journal Article published Mar 2005 in Chemical Engineering & Technology volume 28 issue 3 on pages 255 to 258

Authors: J.-C. Charpentier


Journal Article published 1930 in Journal of the Chemical Society (Resumed) on page 2213

Authors: Louis Leighton Bircumshaw, Arthur Cecil Bottomley, Arthur Lapworth, Arthur Walton