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Journal Article published Sep 2013 in Cytokine volume 63 issue 3 on page 280

Authors: Sinikka Latvala, Sanna Mäkelä, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Ilkka Julkunen

A Dominant Negative Isoform of the Long QT Syndrome 1 Gene Product

Journal Article published 20 Mar 1998 in Journal of Biological Chemistry volume 273 issue 12 on pages 6837 to 6843

Authors: Sophie Demolombe, Isabelle Baró, Yann Péréon, Jet Bliek, Raha Mohammad-Panah, Hélène Pollard, Shabnam Morid, Marcel Mannens, Arthur Wilde, Jacques Barhanin, Flavien Charpentier, Denis Escande

Chemical Genetics Reveals Bacterial and Host Cell Functions Critical for Type IV Effector Translocation by Legionella pneumophila

Journal Article published 3 Jul 2009 in PLoS Pathogens volume 5 issue 7 on page e1000501

Authors: Xavier Charpentier, Joëlle E. Gabay, Moraima Reyes, Jing W. Zhu, Arthur Weiss, Howard A. Shuman

Editors: Craig R. Roy

Donn�es fournies par l'�tude ultrastructurale de deux observations de Malakoplakie

Journal Article published 1973 in Virchows Archiv Abteilung A Pathologische Anatomie volume 359 issue 2 on pages 157 to 170

Authors: Y. Charpentier, M. Charpentier, B. Franc, Ph. Galian, R. Abelanet

The mystery of psaA and penicillin tolerance in Streptococcus pneumoniae

Journal Article published 18 Jan 2002 in Molecular Microbiology volume 36 issue 6 on pages 1505 to 1506

Authors: Rodger Novak, Elaine Tuomanen, Emmanuelle Charpentier

Cardiac ion channels and channelopathies

Journal Article published Jun 2006 in Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology volume 40 issue 6 on page 983

Authors: Flavien Charpentier

Guest Editors' Introduction

Journal Article published Jan 2010 in Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology volume 48 issue 1 on page 1

Authors: Isabelle Baró, Flavien Charpentier

Small RNAs in streptococci

Journal Article published Apr 2012 in RNA Biology volume 9 issue 4 on pages 414 to 426

Authors: Anaïs Le Rhun, Emmanuelle Charpentier

Toward Whole-Transcriptome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9

Journal Article published May 2015 in Molecular Cell volume 58 issue 4 on pages 560 to 562

Authors: Dirk Heckl, Emmanuelle Charpentier

Adaptation in CRISPR-Cas Systems

Journal Article published Mar 2016 in Molecular Cell volume 61 issue 6 on pages 797 to 808

Authors: Samuel H. Sternberg, Hagen Richter, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Udi Qimron

A Method to Estimate Acetylcholinesterase-Active Sites and Turnover in Insects

Journal Article published Oct 2000 in Analytical Biochemistry volume 285 issue 1 on pages 76 to 81

Authors: Alice Charpentier, Philippe Menozzi, Véronique Marcel, François Villatte, Didier Fournier

AdultKCNE1-Knockout Mice Exhibit a Mild Cardiac Cellular Phenotype

Journal Article published Oct 1998 in Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications volume 251 issue 3 on pages 806 to 810

Authors: Flavien Charpentier, Jocelyn Merot, David Riochet, Hervé Le Marec, Denis Escande

Genetic Lesions Associated with Muller's Ratchet in an RNA Virus

Journal Article published Nov 1996 in Journal of Molecular Biology volume 264 issue 2 on pages 255 to 267

Authors: Cristina Escarmı́s, Mercedes Dávila, Nathalie Charpentier, Alma Bracho, Andrés Moya, Esteban Domingo

Synthesis and biological activities of new heterocyclic aromatic retinoids

Journal Article published Sep 1997 in Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters volume 7 issue 17 on pages 2289 to 2294

Authors: P. Diaz, S. Michel, L. Stella, B. Charpentier

Extracytoplasmic phosphatases of selected species of Saccharomyces, Kluyveromyces and Rhodotorula

Journal Article published Jan 1984 in Phytochemistry volume 23 issue 8 on pages 1551 to 1555

Authors: H. Altikrete, M. Kouri, Cl. Charpentier, T.J. Lematre, R. Bonaly

Characterization and authentication of insect cell lines using RAPD markers

Journal Article published Oct 2003 in Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology volume 33 issue 10 on pages 1035 to 1041

Authors: Xavier Léry, Bernard LaRue, Judith Cossette, Guy Charpentier

Regulation of growth inhibition at high temperature, autolysis, transformation and adherence inStreptococcus pneumoniaeby ClpC

Journal Article published Aug 2000 in Molecular Microbiology volume 37 issue 4 on pages 717 to 726

Authors: Emmanuelle Charpentier, Rodger Novak, Elaine Tuomanen

Penicillin-Binding Proteins 1a and 1b Form Independent Dimers in Escherichia coli

Journal Article published 1 Jul 2002 in Journal of Bacteriology volume 184 issue 13 on pages 3749 to 3752

Authors: X. Charpentier, C. Chalut, M.-H. Remy, J.-M. Masson

Cross-reaction of a monoclonal antibody to human MHC class II molecules with rabbit B cells

Journal Article published Aug 1988 in Molecular Immunology volume 25 issue 8 on pages 713 to 718

Authors: S. Dubiski, B. Cinader, C.-T. chou, L. Charpentier, M. Letarte

Characterization of the Metal Ion Binding Properties of the Hepatitis C Virus RNA Polymerase

Journal Article published 27 Nov 2002 in Journal of Biological Chemistry volume 278 issue 6 on pages 3868 to 3875

Authors: Isabelle Bougie, Sébastien Charpentier, Martin Bisaillon