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Kinematic amplification strategies in plants and engineering

Journal Article published 16 May 2017 in Smart Materials and Structures volume 26 issue 6 on page 063002

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1538330) | Association Nationale de la Recherche et de la Technologie (2015/0495) | Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment | Ingérop Group

Authors: Victor Charpentier, Philippe Hannequart, Sigrid Adriaenssens, Olivier Baverel, Emmanuel Viglino, Sasha Eisenman

Hide and meat among Boreda hideworkers: Ethnoarchaeozoology of consumption and craft practices in Gamo (southwest Ethiopia)

Journal Article published Aug 2017 in Quaternary International

Research funded by National Science Foundation | National Endowment for the Humanities | University of South Florida St. Petersburg | University of South Florida Tampa

Authors: Joséphine Lesur, John W. Arthur, Kathryn Weedman Arthur, Matthew C. Curtis

Monte Carlo method for calculating oxygen abundances and their uncertainties from strong-line flux measurements

Journal Article published Jul 2016 in Astronomy and Computing volume 16 on pages 54 to 66

Research funded by NSF CAREER (AST-1352405) | National Science Foundation (AST-1413260) | James Arthur Fellowship | James Arthur Graduate Award

Authors: F.B. Bianco, M. Modjaz, S.M. Oh, D. Fierroz, Y.Q. Liu, L. Kewley, O. Graur

Fluid transport by active elastic membranes

Journal Article published 22 Sep 2011 in Physical Review E volume 84 issue 3

Research funded by National Science Foundation

Authors: Arthur A. Evans, Eric Lauga

Inflationary Tensor Perturbations after BICEP2

Journal Article published 12 May 2014 in Physical Review Letters volume 112 issue 19

Research funded by National Science Foundation (1312380)

Authors: Jerod Caligiuri, Arthur Kosowsky

Message ‘scent’: lemurs detect the genetic relatedness and quality of conspecifics via olfactory cues

Journal Article published Jul 2010 in Animal Behaviour volume 80 issue 1 on pages 101 to 108

Research funded by Marie Curie Fellowship | Molly H. Glander Memorial Undergraduate Research | Duke University Undergraduate Research Support | National Science and Engineering Research Council Fellowship | National Science Foundation (BCS-0409367, IOS-0719003)

Authors: Marie J.E. Charpentier, Jeremy Chase Crawford, Marylène Boulet, Christine M. Drea

Sound changes that lead to seeing longer-lasting shapes

Journal Article published 29 Jan 2018 in Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics

Research funded by National Science Foundation (IBSS-1519908)

Authors: Arthur G. Samuel, Kavya Tangella

Dwarf Galaxies, MOND, and Relativistic Gravitation

Journal Article published 2010 in Advances in Astronomy volume 2010 on pages 1 to 9

Research funded by National Science Foundation (AST-0807790)

Authors: Arthur Kosowsky

Quantum nonexpander problem is quantum-Merlin-Arthur-complete

Journal Article published 15 Apr 2013 in Physical Review A volume 87 issue 4

Research funded by U.S. Department of Energy | National Science Foundation

Authors: Adam D. Bookatz, Stephen P. Jordan, Yi-Kai Liu, Pawel Wocjan

Signature of Local Motion in the Microwave Sky

Journal Article published 9 May 2011 in Physical Review Letters volume 106 issue 19

Research funded by National Aeronautics and Space Administration | National Science Foundation

Authors: Arthur Kosowsky, Tina Kahniashvili