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Income inequality games

Journal Article published 25 May 2011 in The Journal of Economic Inequality volume 9 issue 4 on pages 529 to 554

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Stéphane Mussard

Modeling earthquake dynamics

Journal Article published 16 Apr 2015 in Journal of Seismology volume 19 issue 3 on pages 721 to 739

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Marilou Durand

On the return period of the 2003 heat wave

Journal Article published 14 Dec 2010 in Climatic Change volume 109 issue 3-4 on pages 245 to 260

Authors: Arthur Charpentier

Beta kernel quantile estimators of heavy-tailed loss distributions

Journal Article published 30 Jan 2009 in Statistics and Computing volume 20 issue 1 on pages 35 to 55

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Abder Oulidi

Erratum to: On the return period of the 2003 heat wave

Journal Article published 30 Sep 2011 in Climatic Change volume 109 issue 3-4 on pages 261 to 261

Authors: Arthur Charpentier

Simultaneous total upper and lower lip reconstruction during a humanitarian surgical mission to Africa

Journal Article published 13 Sep 2016 in European Journal of Plastic Surgery volume 40 issue 1 on pages 79 to 82

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Gottfried Lemperle

Insurability of Climate Risks

Journal Article published 17 Dec 2007 in The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice volume 33 issue 1 on pages 91 to 109

Authors: Arthur Charpentier

Estimating allocations for Value-at-Risk portfolio optimization

Journal Article published 2 Sep 2008 in Mathematical Methods of Operations Research volume 69 issue 3 on pages 395 to 410

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Abder Oulidi

Journal Article published 1999 in Cytotechnology volume 29 issue 2 on pages 103 to 113

Authors: Xavier Léry, Guy Charpentier, Serge Belloncik

Characterization of a new human diploid cell line—IMR-91

Journal Article published Oct 1983 in In Vitro volume 19 issue 10 on pages 797 to 804

Authors: Warren W. Nichols, Vincent J. Cristofalo, Lorraine H. Toji, Arthur E. Greene, Margaret M. Aronson, Selena Dwight, Roberta Charpentier, Elizabeth Hoffman