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Tents, Tweets, and Events: The Interplay between Ongoing Protests and Social Media

Journal Article published 2015 in SSRN Electronic Journal

Authors: Marco T. Bastos, Dan Mercea, Arthur Charpentier

Modeling earthquake dynamics

Journal Article published 16 Apr 2015 in Journal of Seismology volume 19 issue 3 on pages 721 to 739

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Marilou Durand

Log-Transform Kernel Density Estimation of Income Distribution

Journal Article published 2015 in L'Actualité économique volume 91 issue 1-2 on page 141

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Emmanuel Flachaire

Tents, Tweets, and Events: The Interplay Between Ongoing Protests and Social Media

Journal Article published 3 Mar 2015 in Journal of Communication volume 65 issue 2 on pages 320 to 350

Authors: Marco T. Bastos, Dan Mercea, Arthur Charpentier

The “mother of all puzzles” at thirty: A meta-analysis

Journal Article published May 2015 in International Economics volume 141 on pages 80 to 96

Authors: Christophe Tavéra, Jean-Christophe Poutineau, Jean-Sébastien Pentecôte, Isabelle Cadoret, Arthur Charpentier, Chantal Gueguen, Maryline Huchet, Julien Licheron, Guillaume Loeillet, Nathalie Payelle, Sébastien Pommier

Kernel density estimation based on Ripley’s correction

Journal Article published 19 Aug 2015 in GeoInformatica volume 20 issue 1 on pages 95 to 116

Research funded by Canadian Network for Research and Innovation in Machining Technology, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Authors: Arthur Charpentier, Ewen Gallic


Chapter published 2015 in Pediatric Neuro-oncology on pages 195 to 205

Authors: Anne-Marie Charpentier, Carolyn Freeman, David Roberge, Pierre Rousseau

Linguistic Atlas of French Polynesia / Atlas linguistique de la Polynésie française

Monograph published 28 Jan 2015

Authors: Jean-Michel Charpentier, Alexandre Francois


Book published 2015 in Methods in Molecular Biology

Editors: Magnus Lundgren, Emmanuelle Charpentier, Peter C. Fineran

Uso y competición por plantas alimenticias entre Pithecia aequatorialis (Primates: Pitheciidae) y otros animales en la Amazonía peruana

Journal Article published 15 Oct 2015 in Revista Peruana de Biología volume 22 issue 2 on page 225

Authors: Elvis J. Charpentier J. Charpentier, Gabriel García, Rolando Aquino