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Book Review: Unequal Time: Gender, Class, and Family in Employment Schedules by Dan Clawson and Naomi GerstelUnequal Time: Gender, Class, and Family in Employment Schedules. By ClawsonDanGerstelNaomi. New York, NY: The Russell Sage Foundation, 2014, 340 pp., $35.00 (paper).

Journal Article published 9 Jul 2016 in Gender & Society volume 30 issue 6 on pages 984 to 986

Authors: Janette Dill

Gender in the Aggregate, Gender in the Individual, Gender and Political Action

Journal Article published Mar 2007 in Politics & Gender volume 3 issue 01

Authors: Nancy Burns

Doing Gender, Determining Gender

Journal Article published 24 Sep 2013 in Gender & Society volume 28 issue 1 on pages 32 to 57

Authors: Laurel Westbrook, Kristen Schilt

Gender Quotas II

Journal Article published Mar 2006 in Politics & Gender volume 2 issue 01

Gender Quotas I

Journal Article published Dec 2005 in Politics & Gender volume 1 issue 04

Gender Politics and Gender Backlash in Zimbabwe

Journal Article published 25 Nov 2008 in Politics & Gender volume 4 issue 04 on page 642

Authors: Sita Ranchod-Nilsson

Patterns of Global Gender Inequalities and Regional Gender Regimes

Journal Article published 13 Oct 2015 in Gender & Society volume 29 issue 6 on pages 767 to 791

Authors: Christine E. Bose

Gender Discrimination at Work

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in Gender & Society volume 25 issue 6 on pages 764 to 786

Authors: Donna Bobbitt-Zeher

The Gender Binary Meets the Gender-Variant Child

Journal Article published 23 Dec 2014 in Gender & Society volume 29 issue 3 on pages 338 to 361

Authors: Elizabeth P. Rahilly

Gender and Social Capital

Journal Article published Sep 2006 in Politics & Gender volume 2 issue 03

Authors: Kay Lehman Schlozman