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From Gender Empowerment to Gender Diversity: Measuring the Gender Gap in Muslim Majority Countries

Other published in Managing Gender Diversity in Asia

Authors: Jawad Syed

Analysing Poverty from a Gender Perspective

Other published in Gender, Generation and Poverty

Gender, development and disasters

Other published in Gender, Development and Disasters on pages 41 to 60

A Multilevel Theory of Gender and Entrepreneurship

Other published in Gender and Entrepreneurship


Other published in Home/Front

Authors: Thomas Kühne

Labour, Leisure, Gender and Generation: The Organization of ‘Wan’ and the Notion of ‘Gender Equality’ in Contemporary Rural China

Other published in Women, Gender and Rural Development in China

Authors: Yuqin Huang

Gender Into Poverty Won’t Go: Reflections on Economic Growth, Gender Inequality and Poverty with Particular Reference to India

Other published in The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty

Authors: Cecile Jackson

Reducing Gender Inequalities in Poverty: Considering Gender-sensitive Social Programmes in Costa Rica

Other published in The International Handbook of Gender and Poverty

Authors: Monica Budowski, Laura Guzmán Stein

Gender Competence’: Gender Mainstreaming, Managing Diversity and the Professionalisation of Gender Politics in Germany

Other published in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Authors: Michael Meuser

Advances in Gender Research

Other published 6 Oct 2014 in Advances in Gender Research on page ii