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Cell Culture Moves into Third Dimension

Journal Article published 15 Sep 2012 in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News volume 32 issue 16 on pages 26 to 28

Authors: Greg Crowther

Interfacial stiffening of polymer thin films under nanoconfinement

Journal Article published Sep 2015 in Extreme Mechanics Letters volume 4 on pages 89 to 95

Research funded by Northwestern University | Dow Chemical Company (223029) | Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

Authors: Wenjie Xia, Sinan Keten

An Ant Colony Optimization Based Dimension Reduction Method for High-Dimensional Datasets

Journal Article published Jun 2013 in Journal of Bionic Engineering volume 10 issue 2 on pages 231 to 241

Authors: Ying Li, Gang Wang, Huiling Chen, Lian Shi, Lei Qin

Three-Dimension-Printed Porous Poly(Propylene Fumarate) Scaffolds with Delayed rhBMP-2 Release for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Graft Fixation

Journal Article published Apr 2017 in Tissue Engineering Part A volume 23 issue 7-8 on pages 359 to 365

Authors: Joshua Alan Parry, Maurits G.L. Olthof, Kristen L. Shogren, Mahrokh Dadsetan, Andre Van Wijnen, Michael Yaszemski, Sanjeev Kakar

Interaction Between Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Is Dependent on Cell Distribution in Three-Dimension and Transforming Growth Factor-β3 Induction

Journal Article published Mar 2015 in Tissue Engineering Part A volume 21 issue 5-6 on pages 992 to 1002

Authors: Janice H. Lai, Heather Rogan, Glen Kajiyama, Stuart B. Goodman, R. Lane Smith, William Maloney, Fan Yang

Cell Growth Takes on New Dimension

Journal Article published Dec 2011 in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News volume 31 issue 21 on pages 12 to 13

Authors: Carol Potera

Multi-dimension and Comprehensive Assessment on the Utilizing and Sharing of Regional Large-scale Scientific Equipment

Journal Article published 29 May 2015 in The Open Biomedical Engineering Journal volume 9 issue 1 on pages 108 to 114

Authors: Chen Li, Lv Yongbo, Chen Chi

Life dimension for derivation of scaling laws in biology

Journal Article published Sep 2011 in Current Opinion in Biotechnology volume 22 on page S134

Authors: Ji Huan He

Metal-Affinity Separations: A New Dimension in Protein Processing

Journal Article published Feb 1991 in Nature Biotechnology volume 9 issue 2 on pages 151 to 156

Authors: Frances H. Arnold

MCSGP: A new dimension in purification

Journal Article published 2007 in Biotechnology and Bioengineering volume 98 issue 5 on pages fmv to fmv