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Two probabilistic life-cycle maintenance models for deteriorating civil infrastructures

Journal Article published May 2004 in Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics


Assessment of the critical dimension prediction accuracy for the lumped parameter model for resist lithography

Journal Article published Jun 2004 in Microelectronic Engineering volume 73-74 on pages 53 to 58

Authors: D FUARD

A review of some advanced sensors used for health diagnosis of civil engineering structures

Journal Article published Dec 2018 in Measurement volume 129 on pages 68 to 90

Authors: Swagato Das, Purnachandra Saha

Optimal representation of multi-dimensional random fields with a moderate number of samples: Application to stochastic mechanics

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Probabilistic Engineering Mechanics volume 44 on pages 53 to 65

Research funded by Department of Civil Engineering | P.C. Rossin College of Engineering | Department of Engineering | School of Engineering and Applied Science

Authors: Vasileios Christou, Paolo Bocchini, Manuel J. Miranda

Comparison between point cloud processing techniques

Journal Article published Oct 2018 in Measurement volume 127 on pages 221 to 226

Research funded by Mechanical Engineering Department | Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

Authors: Sofia Catalucci, Roberto Marsili, Michele Moretti, Gianluca Rossi

Measuring human-induced vibrations of civil engineering structures via vision-based motion tracking

Journal Article published Apr 2016 in Measurement volume 83 on pages 44 to 56

Research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/I029567/1)

Authors: Feng Zheng, Ling Shao, Vitomir Racic, James Brownjohn

New experimental data revealing an unexpected dimension to materials science and engineering

Journal Article published Jun 2001 in Materials Research Innovations volume 5 issue 1 on pages 21 to 34

Authors: William A. Tiller, Walter E. Dibble

Fabrication of vacuum tube arrays with a sub-micron dimension using anodic aluminum oxide nano-templates

Journal Article published Jan 2005 in Microelectronic Engineering volume 77 issue 1 on pages 2 to 7

Authors: Sun-Kyu Hwang, Soo-Hwan Jeong, Ok-Joo Lee, Kun-Hong Lee

Effect of lubricant on the reliability of dental implant abutment screw joint: An in vitro laboratory and three-dimension finite element analysis

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Materials Science and Engineering: C volume 75 on pages 297 to 304

Research funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China (81571006)

Authors: Tingting Wu, Hongyi Fan, Ruiyang Ma, Hongyu Chen, Zhi Li, Haiyang Yu

Dimension changes induced by phase transformation behaviors in Ni-Mn-Cu alloys

Journal Article published Mar 2017 in Materials Science and Engineering: A volume 689 on pages 115 to 121

Research funded by Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities (20720160078) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (51571168)

Authors: Shuiyuan Yang, Jialin Wu, Yuding Liu, Rongpei Shi, Cuiping Wang, Xingjun Liu