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Dimension induced intrinsic physio-electrical effects of nanostructured TiO 2 on its antibacterial properties

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Chemical Engineering Journal volume 334 on pages 1309 to 1315

Authors: LiLin Zhang, Hongwei Bai, Lei Liu, Darren Delai Sun

Multi-holes configurations of woven fabric kenaf composite plates: experimental works and 2-D modelling

Journal Article published 30 Jun 2018 in JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND SCIENCES volume 12 issue 2 on pages 3539 to 3547

Authors: K. Supar, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, H. Ahmad, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

Computer-aided engineering analysis for early-ejected plastic part dimension prediction and quality assurance

Journal Article published 9 Jul 2018 in The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Authors: Junyu Fu, Yongsheng Ma

Ein Ansatz zur Beschreibung der Kristallobetfläche mittels ihrer fraktalen Dimension

Journal Article published Jan 1992 in Chemie Ingenieur Technik volume 64 issue 1 on pages 60 to 62

Authors: Michael Kruse, Joachim Ulrich

Review on solid-solid phase change materials for thermal energy storage: Molecular structure and thermal properties

Journal Article published Dec 2017 in Applied Thermal Engineering volume 127 on pages 1427 to 1441

Research funded by National Science Foundation | Directorate for Engineering, Division of Civil, Mechanical and Manufacturing Innovation | Structural and Architectural Engineering and Materials program

Authors: Ali Fallahi, Gert Guldentops, Mingjiang Tao, Sergio Granados-Focil, Steven Van Dessel

Use of Vietnamese rice husk ash for the production of sodium silicate as the activator for alkali-activated binders

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Journal of Cleaner Production volume 201 on pages 272 to 286

Research funded by National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) (108-2018/KHXD-TĐ) | National Foundation for Science and Technology Development- Vietnam (NAFOSTED) | Queen's University Belfast | National University of Civil Engineering

Authors: Kien T. Tong, Raffaele Vinai, Marios N. Soutsos

Different influences of nanopore dimension and pH between chlorpheniramine adsorptions on graphene oxide-iron oxide suspension and particle

Journal Article published Jan 2017 in Chemical Engineering Journal volume 307 on pages 447 to 455

Research funded by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST 103-2221-E-110-007-MY2)

Authors: Chi-Min Li, Chun-Hu Chen, Wei-Hsiang Chen

Global optimization for the three-dimensional open-dimension rectangular packing problem

Journal Article published 29 Dec 2017 in Engineering Optimization volume 50 issue 10 on pages 1789 to 1809

Research funded by Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (MOST 106-2410-H-030-086-)

Authors: Yao-Huei Huang, F. J. Hwang

Comparative study in the identification of liquid to solid transition phase with DSC, Raman spectra analysis and chemiometrics methods applied to phase change materials used for icing-delay in civil engineering infrastructures

Journal Article published Feb 2018 in Applied Thermal Engineering volume 130 on pages 49 to 61

Authors: M. Marchetti, M. Fois, L. Ibos, J. Dumoulin, P. Bourson, J.-M. Piau

Applying the Repertory Grid Method for Technology Forecasting: Civil Unmanned Aviation Systems for Germany

Journal Article published 1 Sep 2017 in Management and Production Engineering Review volume 8 issue 3 on pages 22 to 30

Authors: Jörgen Eimecke, Katrin Baumert, Daniel Baier