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Catalyst particle shape and dimension effects on gas oil hydrodesulphurization

Journal Article published Jun 1992 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 47 issue 9-11 on pages 2739 to 2744

Authors: Jiří Hanika, Karel Sporka

A Factorial technique for selecting dimension of Hougen-Watson models

Journal Article published 1977 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 32 issue 11 on pages 1345 to 1348

Authors: Vong Huong Nguyen, Luigi Toro

Evolution of the fractal dimension for simultaneous coagulation and sintering

Journal Article published Jan 2006 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 61 issue 1 on pages 293 to 305

Authors: Hans-Joachim Schmid, Belal Al-Zaitone, Christian Artelt, Wolfgang Peukert

Nonlinear dimension reduction based neural modeling for distributed parameter processes

Journal Article published Oct 2009 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 64 issue 19 on pages 4164 to 4170

Authors: Chenkun Qi, Han-Xiong Li

Influence of shear on particle size and fractal dimension of whey protein precipitates: implications for scale-up and centrifugal clarification efficiency

Journal Article published Sep 2002 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 57 issue 18 on pages 3767 to 3779

Authors: Edmond P Byrne, John J Fitzpatrick, Lars W Pampel, Nigel J Titchener-Hooker

QMOM-based population balance model involving a fractal dimension for the flocculation of latex particles

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 155 on pages 65 to 82

Research funded by Université de Toulouse

Authors: Mélody Vlieghe, Carole Coufort-Saudejaud, Alain Liné, Christine Frances

Influence of multiphase turbulence modelling on interfacial momentum transfer in two-fluid Eulerian-Eulerian CFD models of bubbly flows

Journal Article published Feb 2019 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 195 on pages 968 to 984

Research funded by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | UK-India Civil Nuclear Collaboration

Authors: Marco Colombo, Michael Fairweather

Numerical study of three-dimensional droplet impact on a flowing liquid film in annular two-phase flow

Journal Article published Jul 2017 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 166 on pages 303 to 312

Research funded by EPSRC MEMPHIS multiphase Programme (EP/K003976/1) | EPSRC UK-Japan Civil Nuclear Energy (EP/M012794/1) | ExxonMobil | Open Awards of the State Key Laboratory of Coastal and Offshore Engineering at Dalian University of Technology in China

Authors: Zhihua Xie, Geoffrey F. Hewitt, Dimitrios Pavlidis, Pablo Salinas, Christopher C. Pain, Omar K. Matar

Coulson and Richardson's Chemical Engineering, Vol. 6: Chemical Engineering Design.

Journal Article published Jun 1994 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 49 issue 12 on pages 2032 to 2033

Engineering science—or scientific engineering?

Journal Article published Apr 2002 in Chemical Engineering Science volume 57 issue 7 on pages 1075 to 1077

Authors: R W. H. Sargent