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Chapter published 2005 in Volume 1 Number 2 on pages 87 to 102

Authors: S.L. Chan, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, W.F. Chen, Department of Civil Engineering, Hawaii University, USA

The Social-Civil Dimension

Chapter published 2000 in Regeneration of War-Torn Societies on pages 112 to 133

Authors: Michael Pugh

The fail-safe dimension

Chapter published 26 Jul 2006 in Aircraft system safety

Civil War and International Law

Chapter published 19 Jun 2008 in The Human Dimension of International LawSelected Papers of Antonio Cassese on pages 110 to 127

Authors: Antonio Cassese

Abijah’s Elevated Rhetoric and the Civil War of 2 Chronicles 13

Chapter published in The Artistic Dimension : Literary Explorations of the Hebrew Bible

The International Dimension

Chapter published in Money Laundering Law : Forfeiture, Confiscation, Civil Recovery, Criminal Laundering and Taxation of the Proceeds of Crime

Changes in National Civil Law by European standards

Chapter published 2008 in The European Dimension of Administrative Culture on pages 98 to 115

Authors: Christian DICK

Fractal dimension—a new tool for quantitative analysis of urban skyline

Chapter published 28 Apr 2016 in Civil Engineering and Urban Planning IV on pages 107 to 110

Authors: Jun Wang

Managing the Civil Engineering Enterprise

Chapter published 30 Mar 2011 in Civil Engineer's Handbook of Professional Practice on pages 341 to 364

Patterns of Flow: The Spatial Dimension of Water in the Desert

Chapter published 27 Dec 2016 in Springer Transactions in Civil and Environmental Engineering on pages 79 to 86

Authors: Meghal Arya