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A benchmark study on reactive two-phase flow in porous media: Part II - results and discussion

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 February 2024 in Computational Geosciences

Research funded by Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (NETGP 479708-15) | Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NETGP 479708-15) | TotalEnergies (FC-Maelstrom project)

Authors: Etienne Ahusborde | Brahim Amaziane | Stephan de Hoop | Mustapha El Ossmani | Eric Flauraud | François P. Hamon | Michel Kern | Adrien Socié | Danyang Su | K. Ulrich Mayer | Michal Tóth | Denis Voskov

Dynamics of Shallow Water Waves with Kawahara Equation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2015 in Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience

Authors: Soumaya El-Akrmi | Salah Toumi | Abdulssetar El-Akrmi | Pablo Suarez | Houria Triki | Anjan Biswas | Milivoj R Belic

Characterisation and simulation of the creep behaviour of Nicrofer 6025HT wire material at 650°C

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2009 in Computational Materials Science

Authors: P. Beiss | E. El-Magd | J. Stuhrmann

Hybrid QM/MM Approach for the Calculation of Excited States in Complex Environments

BOOK CHAPTER published 2024 in Comprehensive Computational Chemistry

Authors: Davide Avagliano | Irene Conti | Mohsen M.T. El-Tahawy | Vishal K. Jaiswal | Artur Nenov | Marco Garavelli

Umbrella inversion and structure of phosphorus-containing compounds: A quantum chemical study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2018 in Journal of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Authors: Jamelah S. Al-Otaibi | Tarek M. El Gogary | Safinaz H. El-Demerdash

Size and shape effects on effective mass, electronic and optical properties of V-shaped quantum dot: influence of an off-center donor atom, hydrostatic pressure and temperature

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2 October 2022 in Journal of Computational Electronics

Authors: L. Belamkadem | O. Mommadi | M. El Hadi | R. Boussetta | S. Chouef | M. Hbibi | A. El Moussaouy | J. A. Vinasco | C. M. Duque | C. A. Duque

Solving nonlinear partial differential equations using the modified variational iteration Padé technique

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2007 in Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics

Authors: Tamer A. Abassy | Magdy A. El-Tawil | H. El Zoheiry

Efficient Security Adaptation Framework for Internet of Things

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published December 2016 in 2016 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI)

Authors: Tewfiq El-Maliki | Jean-Marc Seigne

Toward durable representations for continual learning

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2022 in Advances in Computational Intelligence

Research funded by Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (20ZS1100)

Authors: Alaa El Khatib | Fakhri Karray

Picard and Adomian methods for quadratic integral equation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2010 in Computational & Applied Mathematics

Authors: A.M.A El-Sayed | H.H.G Hashem | E.A.A Ziada

Multiscale modeling of the effect of waviness and agglomeration of CNTs on the elastic properties of nanocomposites

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2016 in Computational Materials Science

Authors: A.R. Alian | S. El-Borgi | S.A. Meguid

Unraveling the crystallization kinetics of the Ge2Sb2Te5 phase change compound with a machine-learned interatomic potential

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 February 2024 in npj Computational Materials

Authors: Omar Abou El Kheir | Luigi Bonati | Michele Parrinello | Marco Bernasconi

Importance of structural deformation features in the prediction of hybrid perovskite bandgaps

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2020 in Computational Materials Science

Authors: Heesoo Park | Raghvendra Mall | Adnan Ali | Stefano Sanvito | Halima Bensmail | Fedwa El-Mellouhi

A neural network model for timing control with reinforcement

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 5 October 2022 in Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience

Authors: Jing Wang | Yousuf El-Jayyousi | Ilker Ozden

Intelligent Distributed Computing XIII

BOOK published 2020 in Studies in Computational Intelligence

Editors: Igor Kotenko | Costin Badica | Vasily Desnitsky | Didier El Baz | Mirjana Ivanovic

Characterizations on Decreasing Laplace Transform of Time to Failure Class and Hypotheses Testing

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 September 2020 in Journal of Computer Science & Computational Mathematics

Authors: S.M. El-Arishy | L.S. Diab | E.S. El-Atfy

Neural Networks and Cold-formed Steel Design

PROCEEDINGS ARTICLE published in Civil-Comp Proceedings

Authors: E.M.A. El-Kassas | R.I. Mackie | A.I. El-Sheikh

Degradation mechanism of CH3NH3PbI3 and enhancing its optical absorption through variety of doping sites

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2021 in Computational Condensed Matter

Authors: H. Moatassim | A. El Kenz | A. Benyoussef | M. Loulidi | O. Mounkachi

First principle investigation of mercury chalcogenides and their HgSxSe1−x and HgSxTe1−x ternary alloys

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 2014 in Computational Materials Science

Authors: B. Al Shafaay | F. El Haj Hassan | M. Korek

An efficient descriptor model for designing materials for solar cells

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 25 November 2015 in npj Computational Materials

Authors: Fahhad H Alharbi | Sergey N Rashkeev | Fedwa El-Mellouhi | Hans P Lüthi | Nouar Tabet | Sabre Kais