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Do reciprocal vertical angles have a role in Geomatics?

Journal Article published Jul 2008 in Survey Review volume 40 issue 309 on pages 285 to 293

Authors: A. L. Johnson

The role of geomatics engineering in establishing the marine information system for maritime management

Journal Article published Feb 2008 in Maritime Policy & Management volume 35 issue 1 on pages 53 to 60

Authors: Steve Yau-Wah Lam, Tsz Leung Yip

Geomatics and territorial governance: tools, knowledge and expertise

Journal Article published 2008 in International Journal of Sustainable Development volume 11 issue 2/3/4 on page 226

Authors: Alain A. Viau, Laurence Boutinot

An Integrated Geomatics Research Program for Mountain Gorilla Behavior and Conservation

Chapter published 2008 in Conservation in the 21st Century: Gorillas as a Case Study on pages 228 to 252

Authors: H. Dieter Steklis, Scott Madry, Nick Faust, Netzin Gerald Steklis, Eugene Kayijamahe

New ways of teaching geomatics courses in forestry: Online delivery

Journal Article published Aug 2008 in The Forestry Chronicle volume 84 issue 4 on pages 523 to 526

Authors: Brigitte Leblon, Armand LaRocque, Glen A Jordan, MarĂ­a Luz Gil

Town Planning, Planning Theory and Social Reform

Journal Article published May 2008 in International Planning Studies volume 13 issue 2 on pages 133 to 149

Authors: Aram Eisenschitz

The Limits of Planning: Niklas Luhmann's Systems Theory and the Analysis of Planning and Planning Ambitions

Journal Article published Nov 2008 in Planning Theory volume 7 issue 3 on pages 263 to 283

Authors: Kristof Van Assche, Gert Verschraegen

Planning Principles and Planning Criteria

Chapter published 26 Aug 2008 in Power System Engineering on pages 23 to 35

2007 Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning Distinguished Planning Educator Award

Journal Article published Mar 2008 in Journal of Planning Education and Research volume 27 issue 3 on pages 367 to 368

Authors: Lewis D. Hopkins

Commentary:The complexity of planning reform: a search for the spirit and purpose of planning

Journal Article published Nov 2008 in Town Planning Review volume 79 issue 6 on pages 673 to 688

Authors: Mark Tewdwr-Jones