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Conference Paper published 2016 in ARIMPIE - 2016

An Experimental Investigation on NOx Emission Reduction and Performance Evaluation of CI Engine using EGR System

Journal Article published 2017 in International Journal of Engineering Research and Advanced Technology

An experimental investigation of performance and emission characteristics of a CI engine fuelled with waste cooking methyl ester and it’s respective blends with diesel fuel

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2011 in International Journal of Current Engineering and Technology

An Experimental Investigation on Four Stroke CI Engine by Comparing Performance Parameters and Emission Characteristics with Two Bio-Diesel Blends and Diesel as Fuel: Hazelnut and Safflower

Journal Article published 5 Jun 2016 in International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) volume 5 issue 6 on pages 1618 to 1624

Experimental Investigation on Combined Performance Improvement and Emission Reduction in a MENO Fuelled CI Engine with Oxygenated and Antioxidant Additives

Conference Paper published 9 Jul 2018 in SAE Technical Paper Series

Authors: Balaji Gnanasikamani, Suresh Kumar, Cheralathan Marimuthu

Emission Reduction in a Dual Blend Biodiesel Fuelled CI Engine using Nano- Fuel Additives

Journal Article published 2018 in Materials Today: Proceedings volume 5 issue 9 on pages 20754 to 20759

Authors: Vivek Kumar Nema, Alok Singh

Experimental studies on engine performance and emission characteristics using castor biodiesel as fuel in CI engine

Journal Article published Feb 2019 in Renewable Energy volume 131 on pages 737 to 744

Authors: M. Arunkumar, M. Kannan, G. Murali

Experimental analysis of engine performance, combustion and emission using pongamia biodiesel as fuel in CI engine

Journal Article published Jun 2017 in Energy volume 129 on pages 228 to 236

Authors: Varatharaju Perumal, M. Ilangkumaran

Effect of BHA and BHT antioxidant additives on engine performance and emission of a CI engine fueled with a palm oil methyl ester-diesel fuel blend

Conference Paper published 2019

Authors: Mohd Hafiz Ali, Adam Abdullah, Mohd Hafizil Mohd Yasin

Experimental Investigation on the Performance and Exhaust Emission of Biogas-Diesel Dual-Fuel Combustion in a CI Engine

Conference Paper published 13 Oct 2014 in SAE Technical Paper Series

Authors: Mohand Said Lounici, Khaled Loubar, Mohand Tazerout, Mourad Balistrou, Lyes Tarabet

Experimental investigation of the effect of antioxidant additives on NOx emissions of a diesel engine using biodiesel

Journal Article published Jun 2014 in Fuel volume 125 on pages 44 to 49

Authors: Erol İleri, Günnur Koçar

Experimental Investigation on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Dual Fuel DI Diesel Engine with Hydrogen Fuel

Conference Paper published 21 Jan 2009 in SAE Technical Paper Series

Authors: N. Saravanan, G. Nagarajan

A Comparative Study of Use of Fuel Additives in Straight Vegetable Oil and Pre-heated Straight Vegetable Oil on Combustion and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine

Conference Paper published 9 Jan 2013 in SAE Technical Paper Series

Authors: Pinkesh R. Shah, Sameer Patel, Sushrut Bhanushali, Anuradda Ganesh

Prediction of CI engine performance, emission and combustion characteristics using fish oil as a biodiesel at different injection timing using fuzzy logic

Journal Article published Nov 2016 in Fuel volume 183 on pages 214 to 229

Authors: Gnanasekaran Sakthivel

Experimental investigation of diesel engine performance and emission characteristics using jojoba/diesel blend and sunflower oil

Journal Article published Feb 2011 in Fuel volume 90 issue 2 on pages 886 to 897

Authors: M.S. Shehata, S.M. Abdel Razek

Experimental Investigation on Reduction of NOX Emission Using Zeolite Coated Converter in CI Engine

Journal Article published Oct 2016 in Applied Mechanics and Materials volume 854 on pages 72 to 77

Authors: M. Karthe, M. Tamilarasan, S.C. Prasanna, A. Manikandan

Experimental Investigation Using an On-board Dry Cell Electrolyzer in a CI Engine Working on Dual Fuel Mode

Journal Article published Dec 2016 in Energy Procedia volume 90 on pages 209 to 216

Authors: P.V. Manu, Anoop Sunil, S. Jayaraj

Experimental investigation of the effects of Tri-aromatic utilization on combustion process, emission characteristics and engine performance of a DI diesel engine

Journal Article published May 2014 in Fuel volume 123 on pages 26 to 32

Authors: Seyed Alireza Khabbaz, Raouf Mobasheri

The Effects of Engine Oil Additives on Vehicle Fuel Economy, Emissions, Emission Control Components and Engine Wear

Conference Paper published 1 Feb 1978 in SAE Technical Paper Series

Authors: T.F. Mcdonnell, S.A. Tempe

Experimental investigation on the combustion and exhaust emission characteristics of biogas–biodiesel dual-fuel combustion in a CI engine

Journal Article published May 2011 in Fuel Processing Technology volume 92 issue 5 on pages 992 to 1000

Research funded by Ministry of the Environment in Seoul, Republic of Korea | Second Brain Korea 21 Project | Ministry of Knowledge Economy (10033863-2009-11)

Authors: Seung Hyun Yoon, Chang Sik Lee