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PART 2. Re-Writing Stories Across the Media

BOOK CHAPTER published in Translating America


BOOK CHAPTER published 8 April 2014 in Translating India

Filicide in the Media: News Coverage of Mothers Who Kill in 1970s Japan

BOOK CHAPTER published 2017 in Translating Maternal Violence

Authors: Alessandro Castellini

Yes, They Must Have Been Blossoming Apple-Trees

BOOK CHAPTER published 28 September 2018 in Translating Air


BOOK CHAPTER published in Translating Air

Interpreting and Translation for Western Media in Iraq

BOOK CHAPTER published 1 January 2007 in Translating and Interpreting Conflict

Authors: Jerry Palmer

10. ‘The Suffering of Return’: Painful Detours in Czech Novels of Return

BOOK CHAPTER published 31 January 2009 in Translating Pain

Chapter 10. Representation, Intervention and Mediation: A Translation Anthologist’s Reflections on the Complexities of Translating China

BOOK CHAPTER published 31 December 2009 in Translating China

Authors: Martha P.Y. Cheung

Chapter 10. Connecting Researchers: Designing a Networking App for Clinical Research Personnel

BOOK CHAPTER published 2016 in Translating Expertise

Editors: Marisa L. Conte


BOOK CHAPTER published 26 November 2020 in Translating the Crisis

Authors: Fruela Fernández

Exploring the translation, diffusion, and reception of Under the Dome in the media

BOOK CHAPTER published 8 July 2019 in Translating and Communicating Environmental Cultures

Authors: Meng Ji

Kali’s Story

BOOK CHAPTER published 1 January 2000 in Translating Kali's Feast

Authors: Stephanos Stephanides


BOOK CHAPTER published 17 February 2020 in Translating Petrarch's Poetry

Authors: Carole Birkan-Berz | Guillaume Coatalen | Thomas Vuong

National allegories born(e) in translation: the Catalan case

BOOK CHAPTER published 15 April 2019 in Translating National Allegories

Authors: Stewart King | Alice Whitmore

10 Calvino Abroad

BOOK CHAPTER published 31 December 2022 in Translating Myself and Others

Hosting Hysteria

BOOK CHAPTER published 2019 in Translating across Sensory and Linguistic Borders

Authors: Laura González

Volume 1 Introduction

BOOK CHAPTER published 8 April 2014 in Translating Others (Volume 1)

Grammars of New Media: Interactive Trans-Sensory Storytelling and Empathic Reading Praxis in Jessica Anthony’s and Rodrigo Corral’s Chopsticks

BOOK CHAPTER published 2020 in Translating and Transmediating Children’s Literature

Authors: Cheryl Cowdy


BOOK CHAPTER published 28 February 2013 in Translating the English Bible

Authors: Phil Goodwin

Post-National Refugee Writing on Social Media

BOOK CHAPTER published 15 November 2023 in Translating Home in the Global South

Authors: Tatjana Soldat-Jaffe