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Generative AI and Social Media May Exacerbate the Climate Crisis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 April 2024 in Global Environmental Politics

Authors: Hamish van der Ven | Diego Corry | Rawie Elnur | Viola Jasmine Provost | Muh Syukron

Canada’s international and national commitments to sustain marine biodiversity1This manuscript is a companion paper to Hutchings et al. (doi:10.1139/a2012-011) and Hutchings et al. (doi:10.1139/er-2012-0049) also appearing in this issue. These three papers comprise an edited version of a February 2012 Royal Society of Canada Expert Panel Report.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2012 in Environmental Reviews

Authors: David L. VanderZwaag | Jeffrey A. Hutchings | S. Jennings | Randall M. Peterman

Surface Characteristics of Sorptive-Filtration Storm Water Media. I: Low-Density (ρ s < 1.0) Oxide-Coated Buoyant Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2001 in Journal of Environmental Engineering

Authors: Dingfang Liu | Zheng Teng | John J. Sansalone | Frank K. Cartledge

The Media Business and Environmental Politics

BOOK CHAPTER published 19 December 2017 in Environmental Politics

Authors: Norman Miller

Influence of Nonwetting Phase Saturation on Dispersivity in Laboratory-Scale Sandy Porous Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2018 in Environmental Engineering Science

Authors: Katherine A. Muller | C. Andrew Ramsburg

Multixenobiotic resistance mechanism in the catfish intestine

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2000 in Marine Environmental Research

Authors: A.M. Doi | K.M. Kleinow | C.S. Venugopal | E. Holmes

Optimization of media composition for enhancing tetracycline degradation by Trichosporon mycotoxinivorans XPY-10 using response surface methodology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 December 2021 in Environmental Technology

Research funded by Natural Science Fund of Fujian Province (2011J01150)

Authors: Xiaochen Huang | Xinyang Zhang | Yanyan Huang | Xuping Xu

Editorial: Social media, artificial intelligence and carbon neutrality

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 11 January 2023 in Frontiers in Environmental Science

Authors: Rita Yi Man Li | M. James C. Crabbe | Xuefeng Shao

Long-term exposure to fine particulate matter and natural-cause and cause-specific mortality in Japan

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2019 in Environmental Epidemiology

Authors: Takashi Yorifuji | Saori Kashima | Yasunari Tani | Junji Yamakawa | Hiroyuki Doi

Recent decline of DDTs among several organochlorine pesticides in background air in East Asia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2016 in Environmental Pollution

Authors: Yoshikatsu Takazawa | Takumi Takasuga | Kenji Doi | Mick Saito | Yasuyuki Shibata

Hydrodynamic characteristics of the solid‐liquid fluidized bed developing during the backwash of filter media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1989 in Environmental Technology Letters

Authors: N. D. Sakkas | T.D. Lekkas

Correction to: Environ. Eng. Sci. 2017;34(1):51–61. DOI: 10.1089/ees.2016.0223

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2017 in Environmental Engineering Science

Surface Characteristics of Sorptive-Filtration Storm Water Media. II: Higher Specific Gravity (ρ s > 1.0) Oxide-Coated Fixed Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2001 in Journal of Environmental Engineering

Authors: Dingfang Liu | Zheng Teng | John J. Sansalone | Frank K. Cartledge

Mechanistic Basis for Particle Detachment from Granular Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 May 2003 in Environmental Science &amp; Technology

Authors: John A. Bergendahl | Domenico Grasso

Marine Ecological Governance Under New Media Environment: Tripartite Evolutionary Game and Simulation Analysis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 18 July 2022 in Frontiers in Environmental Science

Authors: Lehua Gao | An Yan | Qiaorong Yin

Cross-national comparison of the presence of climate scepticism in the print media in six countries, 2007–10

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 December 2012 in Environmental Research Letters

Authors: James Painter | Teresa Ashe

The eDNA Society International Meeting 2023, “moving from knowledge into practice”

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2023 in Environmental DNA

Authors: Hiroki Yamanaka | Hideyuki Doi | Hitoshi Araki | Kimiko Uchii | Toshifumi Minamoto

Residential proximity to major roads and adverse birth outcomes: a hospital-based study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2013 in Environmental Health

Authors: Takashi Yorifuji | Hiroo Naruse | Saori Kashima | Soshi Takao | Takeshi Murakoshi | Hiroyuki Doi | Ichiro Kawachi


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 6 February 2024 in 10 | 2023 Human Generations and the Environmental Crisis in Literature, Film, and Other Media

Authors: Michael Fuchs | Roberta Maierhofer

Kinetics of deposition of colloidal particles in porous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1990 in Environmental Science &amp; Technology

Authors: Menachem Elimelech | Charles R. O'Melia