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10. Talking Photographs

BOOK CHAPTER published 31 December 2023 in Aesthetics of Early Sound Film

Authors: Irina Leimbacher


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 August 2019 in Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, Film and Media Studies

Authors: Ian Germani | Christina Stojanova

Digital Media Dossier Introduction

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 March 2020 in Film Matters

Authors: Hiram Harrington

Review: Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 April 1966 in Film Quarterly

Authors: Stephen Taylor

Review: Misunderstanding Media by Brian Winston

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 April 1988 in Film Quarterly

Authors: Seth Feldman

Ideology Critique and Film Criticism in the New Media Ecology

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2015 in Film Criticism

Authors: Matthew Flisfeder

Bernie Cook, Flood of Images: Media, Memory, and Hurricane Katrina

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 12 April 2017 in Film Criticism

Authors: Phoebe Bronstein

Pressing Matters: Media Crusades before the Nickelodeons

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2015 in Film History

7. Indigenous Media and the Market

BOOK CHAPTER published 31 December 2020 in Indianizing Film

MTV Video Stardom as Media Power: Madonna’s (Moving) Image Control

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 November 2021 in Film Criticism

Authors: Landon Palmer | Landon Palmer

Non-Profit Cinema in Media Convergence Era

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2009 in Film Studies

From film to new media

BOOK CHAPTER published 3 October 2018 in Film Feminisms

Authors: Kristin Lené Hole | Dijana Jelača

Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 September 2005 in Film Quarterly

A Humanistic Consequentialism for Film and Media Studies

BOOK CHAPTER published 29 July 2021 in Cognitive Film and Media Ethics

Authors: Wyatt Moss-Wellington

A Study of Media Aesthetics in 'Poetry'

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2016 in Film Studies

Nostalgia, Remembrance and Crises in an Evolving Streaming Media Industry

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 28 November 2023 in Film Criticism

Authors: Sheri Chinen Biesen

12 World-building, Retconning and Legacy Rebooting: Alien and Contemporary Media Franchise Strategies

BOOK CHAPTER published 15 September 2020 in Film Reboots

Authors: James Fleury

Review: Media Analysis Techniques by Arthur Asa Berger

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 1983 in Film Quarterly

Authors: Gregory Waters

Elizabeth Ellcessor, Restricted Access: Media, Disability, and the Politics of Participation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 8 September 2017 in Film Criticism

Authors: Ekin Pinar

: Understanding Media . Marshall McLuhan.

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1966 in Film Quarterly

Authors: Stephen Taylor