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Corrigendum to "Pilot-scale drinking water treatment plant: effects of disinfection alternatives and filtration systems" by Tarek A. Gad-Allah, Mohamed I. Badawy, Azza M. Abdel-Aty, Rizka K. Ali, Hazem Saleh, Yeomin Yoon, Mohamed E.M. Ali published in vol


Authors: 101(2018)327-327 DOI:

Pore size control technique in the spinning of polysulfone hollow fiber ultrafiltration membranes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 1991 in Desalination

Authors: Shoichi Doi | Katsuhiko Hamanaka

Energy-saving electro dialyzer for sea water desalination

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 1981 in Desalination

Authors: T. Mizoue | Y. Takasaki | Y. Tani | S. Urabe | E. Asada | Y. Cobuchi | K. Doi

Retraction notice to “Performance analysis and optimization of an internally reflecting single slope solar still using an optical-irradiance ray-tracing model” [Desalination 472 (2019) 114181 DOI:10.1016/j.desal.2019.114181]

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2020 in Desalination

Authors: Naveed ur Rehman

Pretreatment for desalination of seawater from an open intake by dual-media filtration: Pilot testing and comparison of two different media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2008 in Desalination

Authors: S.T. Mitrouli | S.G. Yiantsios | A.J. Karabelas | M. Mitrakas | M. Fǿllesdal | P.A. Kjolseth

Adsorptive removal of phosphate from aqueous media by peat

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2010 in Desalination

Authors: J.B. Xiong | Q. Mahmood

Combined Yanbu and Media power and desalination plant

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1979 in Desalination

Authors: Isam Mr Jamjoom - | Gilbert Costes -

Mass transfer modeling of ion transport through nanoporous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2011 in Desalination

Authors: Farzad Fadaei | Saeed Shirazian | Seyed Nezameddin Ashrafizadeh

Impacts of alum addition on the treatment efficiency of cloth-media MBR

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2012 in Desalination

Authors: Waleed M. Zahid | Saber A. El-Shafai

Enhancement of media filter performance with coagulant use for treatment of diesel oil contaminated surface water

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2005 in Desalination

Authors: Berrin Tansel | Frank Vilar

The performance of a membrane bioreactor for the malolactic fermentation of media containing ethanol

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2006 in Desalination

Authors: Robert Lovitt | Ilseon Jung | Mierion Jones

The effect of precipitating media on the performance of porous cellulose acetate reverse osmosis membranes

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1973 in Desalination

Authors: J.W. Carter | G. Psaras | M.T. Price

The performance of electropositive nanofibrous filter media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2011 in Desalination

Authors: Chunsong Ye | Hong Yang | Jiuyang Lin | Huiming Zeng | Lihui Tong | Fei Yu | Fang Zhang

Desalination, 10(1971)67–93

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 1972 in Desalination

Modification of PSf/PIAM membrane for improved desalination applications using Chitosan coagulation media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2013 in Desalination

Authors: Rajesha Kumar | A.F. Ismail | M.A. Kassim | Arun M. Isloor

Water recycling by floating media filtration and nanofiltration at a soft drink factory

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2000 in Desalination

Authors: Hitoshi Miyaki | Susumu Adachi | Koji Suda | Yasunari Kojima

Heterogeneous catalytic treatment of synthetic dyes in aqueous media using Fenton and photo-assisted Fenton process

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2011 in Desalination

Research funded by Universiti Sains Malaysia (6039004) | USM Fellowship and Skim Research University Postgraduate Research Grant Scheme (USM-RU-PRGS) (1001/PJKIMIA/8043062)

Authors: Ai Ni Soon | B.H. Hameed

Effect of highly saturated superhydrophilic porous media on air gap diffusion distillation considering preferential flow

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2022 in Desalination

Research funded by Dalian University of Technology (DUTKFJJ2021041,DUTKFJJ2021044) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (51876023,52176060)

Authors: Lele Chen | Ping Wang | Xuan Zhang | Lin Xu | Qinggang Qiu

Corrosion and mechanical behavior of fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) in aqueous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2002 in Desalination

Authors: Anees U. Malik | Ismail Andijani | Shahreer Ahmed | Fahd Al-Muaili

Implementation of an image analysis technique to determine LNAPL infiltration and distribution in unsaturated porous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2009 in Desalination

Authors: Fotini Simantiraki | Maria Aivalioti | Evangelos Gidarakos