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Polymer ion-exchange membranes for capacitive deionization of aqueous media with low and high salt concentration

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2020 in Desalination

Authors: Yuan Zhang | Pattarachai Srimuk | Mesut Aslan | Markus Gallei | Volker Presser

Implementation of an image analysis technique to determine LNAPL infiltration and distribution in unsaturated porous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2009 in Desalination

Authors: Fotini Simantiraki | Maria Aivalioti | Evangelos Gidarakos

Selective lithium extraction and concentration from diluted alkaline aqueous media by a polymer inclusion membrane and application to seawater

JOURNAL ARTICLE published August 2020 in Desalination

Research funded by DGAPA, UNAM (PAPIIT IN229219)

Authors: Cristhian Paredes | Eduardo Rodríguez de San Miguel

Effect of highly saturated superhydrophilic porous media on air gap diffusion distillation considering preferential flow

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2022 in Desalination

Research funded by Dalian University of Technology (DUTKFJJ2021041,DUTKFJJ2021044) | National Natural Science Foundation of China (51876023,52176060)

Authors: Lele Chen | Ping Wang | Xuan Zhang | Lin Xu | Qinggang Qiu

Localized corrosion at welds in structural steel under desalination plant conditions Part II: Effect of heat treatment, test temperature and test media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 1989 in Desalination

Authors: Nabil M.A. Eid

Performance of a filtration system equipped with filter media for parking lot runoff treatment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2011 in Desalination

Research funded by FFG (292)

Authors: Maria Fuerhacker | Tadele Measho Haile | Bernhard Monai | Axel Mentler

Performance analysis and experimental verification of a multi-sleeve tubular still filled with different gas media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2013 in Desalination

Authors: Hongfei Zheng | Zehui Chang | Zihang Zheng | Zhili Chen | Yuehong Su

Reuse of greywater and rainwater using fiber filter media and metal membrane

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2007 in Desalination

Authors: Ree-Ho Kim | Sangho Lee | Jinwoo Jeong | Jung-Hun Lee | Yeong-Kwan Kim

Removal of various dyes from aqueous media onto polymeric gels by adsorption process: Their kinetics and thermodynamics

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2010 in Desalination

Authors: Muhammad Aslam Malana | Sana Ijaz | Muhammad Naeem Ashiq

Novel pre-treatment method for seawater reverse osmosis: Fibre media filtration

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2010 in Desalination

Authors: J.J. Lee | M.A.H. Johir | K.H. Chinu | H.K. Shon | S. Vigneswaran | J. Kandasamy | C.W. Kim | K. Shaw

Parametric optimization of individual and hybridized AOPs of Fe2+/H2O2 and UV/S2O82− for rapid dye destruction in aqueous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2011 in Desalination

Authors: J. Saien | A.R. Soleymani | J.H. Sun

Enhanced natural organic matter removal in floating media filter coupled with microfiltration membrane for river water treatment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2008 in Desalination

Authors: C. Chiemchaisri | S. Passananon | H.H. Ngo | S. Vigneswaran

Hydrogel–Biochar composites for effective organic contaminant removal from aqueous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2011 in Desalination

Authors: Necdet Karakoyun | Senol Kubilay | Nahit Aktas | Omer Turhan | Murat Kasimoglu | Selahattin Yilmaz | Nurettin Sahiner

Membrane bioreactor with nonwoven fabrics as solid–liquid separation media for wastewater treatment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2007 in Desalination

Authors: Wang-Kuan Chang | Alvin Yen-Jung Hu | Ren-Yang Horng | Wen-Yuang Tzou

Sulphate reduction and biomass growth rates for Desulfobacterium autotrophicum in yeast extract – Supplemented media at 38°C

JOURNAL ARTICLE published November 2009 in Desalination

Authors: C. Sáez- Navarrete | A. Zamorano | C. Ferrada | L. Rodríguez

Nanofiltration of CIP waters from iodine X-ray contrast media production: process design and modelling

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2003 in Desalination

Authors: Anja Drews | Thorsten Klahm | Berit Renk | Mahmut Saygili | Goetz Baumgarten | Matthias Kraume

Experimental investigation of a desalination system using porous carbon tube as a humidification media with swirl flow

JOURNAL ARTICLE published April 2024 in Desalination

Authors: Emad M.S. El-Said | A.A. Hegazi | S.A. El-Agouz | A.M. Awad

Polyacrylic gel beads reinforced by a polyamide membrane: application to copper removal in aqueous media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2002 in Desalination

Authors: A Laguecir | Y. Frère | L. Danicher | J.M. Loureiro | B. Ernst | M. Burgard

Transport analysis of particulate matter in media-saturated mesh tube filter for the desalination primary pretreatment process

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2020 in Desalination

Research funded by Ministry of Environment (1485016165)

Authors: Dong-Ho Kim | Chulmin Lee | Changkyoo Choi | Sang-Jun Ahn | In S. Kim

Removal of Acid Brown 14 in aqueous media by electrocoagulation: Optimization parameters and minimizing of energy consumption

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 2011 in Desalination

Authors: J. Basiri Parsa | H. Rezaei Vahidian | A.R. Soleymani | M. Abbasi