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BOOK CHAPTER published 27 February 2009 in The Public Sector in Japan

Authors: Takero Doi | Toshihiro Ihori

Book Review: Economical with the Truth: Law and the Media in a Democratic Society

JOURNAL ARTICLE published September 1990 in Teaching Public Administration

Authors: Ian Leigh

The Post-WTO Restructuring of the Chinese Media Industries and the Consequences of Capitalisation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published January 2003 in Javnost - The Public

Authors: Zhengrong Hu

Study on Executing PR:Focusing on Message, Timing, Contact, and Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published June 2007 in Journal of Public Relations

Quoting God: How Media Shape Ideas about Religion and Culture (review)

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2007 in Rhetoric & Public Affairs

Authors: Joshua R Ritter

Framing the Women’s March on Washington: Media coverage and organizational messaging alignment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published March 2018 in Public Relations Review

Authors: Kristine M. Nicolini | Sara Steffes Hansen

The impact of body mass index and Western advertising and media on eating style, body image and nutrition transition among Jordanian women

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2007 in Public Health Nutrition

Authors: Hala N Madanat | Ralph B Brown | Steven R Hawks

Does the legal profession have a future?

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2020 in Public Administration

Authors: ARTEM S. GENKIN | ‘Invest-Foresight’ digital media | ALEXEY A. MIKHEEV | University MFA of Russia

Drug Quality Co-regulation Supervision Strategy Considering Collusion Behavior With New Media Participation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 April 2022 in Frontiers in Public Health

Research funded by National Social Science Fund of China (No.20BGL272,No.21ZDA024)

Authors: Siyi Zhang | Lilong Zhu

Cross-Media Narrative and Emotional Identity Mechanism of School Culture in Media Integration Environment

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 September 2022 in Journal of Environmental and Public Health

Authors: Anmin Jia

Editors: Zhao kaifa

Utjecaj proračunskog zakona za upravljanje državom u uvjetima razvoja digitalizacije gospodarstva

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 March 2019 in Media, culture and public relations

Authors: Imeda Tsindeliani | Olga Gorbunova | Elena Matyanova | Kirill Pisenko | Oksana Palozyan | Vitaly Kikavets | Tatiana Vershilo

Fighting sexual violence in Egypt on social media: A visual essay on assault police

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 October 2022 in Global Public Health

Authors: Amr Marzouk | Gabry Vanderveen

Media coverage of health issues and how to work more effectively with journalists: a qualitative study

JOURNAL ARTICLE published December 2010 in BMC Public Health

Authors: Julie Leask | Claire Hooker | Catherine King

Decision Model for the Media Selection

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 22 April 2014 in Central European Public Administration Review

Authors: Tatjana Kozjek | Vladislav Rajkovič | Marko Ferjan

Pharmaceutical enterprises drug quality strategy Moran analysis considering government supervision and new media participation

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 January 2023 in Frontiers in Public Health

Research funded by National Social Science Fund of China (20BGL272,21ZDA024)

Authors: Yanping Xu | Lilong Zhu

Retraction: COVID-19 as an “infodemic” in public health: Critical role of the social media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 23 December 2022 in Frontiers in Public Health

Authors: Frontiers Editorial Office

The impact of social media on risk perceptions during COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 3 August 2022 in Frontiers in Public Health

Authors: Khadijah Angawi | Mutlaq Albugmi

Identifying Chinese social media users' need for affect from their online behaviors

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 10 January 2023 in Frontiers in Public Health

Authors: Hong Deng | Nan Zhao | Yilin Wang

Social Media Support and Funding Assistance for Psychological Injuries in Social Work

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 May 2022 in Frontiers in Public Health

Authors: Xiaowu Hu | Caiyi Tang | Dongmei Wang


JOURNAL ARTICLE published 20 August 2020 in PUBLIC CORNER

Authors: Patricia Robin