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The Realistic Dilemma and Optimization Path of County-level Convergence Media Center Construction in Tai'an City

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2023 in Media and Communication Research

Career Development Domains as Correlates of Career Readiness and Selection among Grade 10 Students: Input to Career Information Activities


Authors: Mariell A. Agon | Faculty of San Antonio National High School, Philippines | Karen Chris B. Latade, RGC | Instructor of Laguna State Polytechnic University – San Pablo City Campus, Philippines DOI :

New media for effluent filtration

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1979 in Water Research

Authors: B MORGELI

Gene expression analysis of the murine model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: Studies of the Leu126delTT mutation in SOD1

JOURNAL ARTICLE published July 2007 in Brain Research

Authors: Yasuyo Fukada | Kenichi Yasui | Michio Kitayama | Koji Doi | Toshiya Nakano | Yasuhiro Watanabe | Kenji Nakashima

Clock genes and salt-sensitive hypertension: a new type of aldosterone-synthesizing enzyme controlled by the circadian clock and angiotensin II

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 2016 in Hypertension Research

Authors: Hitoshi Okamura | Masao Doi | Kaoru Goto | Rika Kojima

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2002 in Photosynthesis Research

Authors: Yasuyo Suzuki | Michio Doi | Yuzo Shioi

Intestinal cholesterol absorption in the chyluria model

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1987 in Journal of Lipid Research

Authors: S Q Doi | H Meinertz | K Nilausen | E C Faria | E C Quintão

When the Journalist Meets New Media: Some Reflections on the Interactions between Journalist and New Media Driven Journalism in Turkey

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 2017 in Journal of Media Research

Authors: Serhat Kaymas | Hacettepe Unıversity, Turkey

Corrigendum on: Optimality conditions and duality for multiobjective semi-infinite programming with data uncertainty via Mordukhovich subdifferential (Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research, vol. 31, no 4, doi:

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 2022 in Yugoslav Journal of Operations Research

Authors: E Editoral

Carbonate Apatites from Aqueous and Non-aqueous Media Studied by ESR, IR, and X-ray Diffraction: Effect of NH4+ Ions on Crystallographic Parameters

JOURNAL ARTICLE published February 1982 in Journal of Dental Research

Authors: Y. Doi | Y. Moriwaki | T. Aoba | M. Okazaki | J. Takahashi | K. Joshin

The Relationship between the Adoption of ICT and the Attitude of Senor High School Students in Davao City

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 4 June 2023 in International Multidisciplinary Research Journal

Authors: Charlene Hernandez Balba |,,,, | Rey Almer L. Gindap | Patrick Jayson L. Ralla | Kristine Anne Gabat Barbosa | Jeane Bernard Evangelista Bermudez | Ezra Rafgeonn Dulay | Mc Curvin Butalid Royeras |, Mapúa Malayan Colleges Mindanao Davao City, Davao del Sur, Philippines

Effect Analysis of Digital Communication of Social Media from the Perspective of New Media

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 31 October 2023 in Communications in Humanities Research

Authors: Xinyan Chen

Properties and Distribution of Inorganic Pyrophosphatase in Rabbit Dental Pulp

JOURNAL ARTICLE published October 1977 in Journal of Dental Research

Authors: Shunsuke Furuyama | Masae Mitsuma | Noriko Doi | Hiroshi Sugiya | Susumu Oyama

Efficient and Scalable Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (−)-Emetine with Pharmaceutical Grade Quality; First Multigram Scale Synthesis

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 17 February 2023 in Organic Process Research & Development

Research funded by Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (22ek0109449h0003)

Authors: Masatoshi Yamada | Kazuki Azuma | Iori Takizawa | Yuki Ejima | Mitsuhisa Yamano | Kimio Satoh | Takayuki Doi | Hirofumi Ueda | Hidetoshi Tokuyama

Thai plants from Doi Tung: brine shrimp lethality, antioxidative activity and combination effect withL-ascorbic acid

JOURNAL ARTICLE published May 2012 in Natural Product Research

Authors: Patcharawan Tanamatayarat | Uthai Sotanaphun | Onoomar Poobrasert

Microhardness and tensile strength of electrochemically synthesized nickel-cobalt binary alloy sheets exfoliated from a dumbbell-shaped titanium cathode

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 April 2023 in Materials Research Express

Research funded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (18H01754)

Authors: Ryusei Saeki | Tomomi Doi | Masamitsu Hayashida | Takeshi Ohgai

Nucleotide sequence and organization ofBacillus sublilisRNA polymerase major sigma (σ43) operon

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1986 in Nucleic Acids Research

Authors: Lin-Fa Wang | Ray H. Doi

Media Influence and Firms Behaviour: A Stakeholder Management Perspective

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 30 August 2017 in International Business Research

Authors: Cosmina Lelia Voinea | Hans Van Kranenburg

New Media and Civic Participation in Morocco

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 1 October 2017 in Journal of Media Research

Authors: Hanae Ait Hattani | Sidi Mohamed Benabdelah University, Morocco

JOURNAL ARTICLE published 29 October 2022 in Standardization: Journal of Research and Innovation

Authors: Dean Stoneback