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Biological stress markers and misconceptions about them

Journal Article published 2003 in Stress and Health volume 19 issue 2 on pages 59 to 60

Authors: T�res Theorell

Schematic and realistic biological motion identification in children with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

Journal Article published Oct 2014 in Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders volume 8 issue 10 on pages 1394 to 1404

Research funded by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada | National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (#R01HD468058) | Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Authors: Kristyn Wright, Elizabeth Kelley, Diane Poulin-Dubois

Biological markers of aging and mental health: A seed and soil model of neurocognitive disorders

Journal Article published 17 Nov 2018 in Aging & Mental Health on pages 1 to 7

Authors: Ian M. McDonough, Rebecca S. Allen

Psychometric Testing of Three Chinese Online-Related Addictive Behavior Instruments among Hong Kong University Students

Journal Article published 16 Oct 2018 in Psychiatric Quarterly

Research funded by Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Faculty Collaborative Research Scheme between Social Sciences and Health Sciences, Faculty Collaborative Research Scheme between Social Sciences and Health Sciences)

Authors: Chun-Wai Yam, Amir H. Pakpour, Mark D. Griffiths, Wai-Yan Yau, Cheuk-Long Matthew Lo, Jennifer M. T. Ng, Chung-Ying Lin, Hildie Leung

When Being Upset Is Not A Mental Health Problem

Journal Article published Jun 2004 in Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes volume 67 issue 2 on pages 153 to 157

Authors: Simon Wessely

Continuity in Biological Treatment

Journal Article published Sep 1991 in International Journal of Mental Health volume 20 issue 3 on pages 23 to 30

Authors: C.P. O’Brien, J. Tignol

Biological Influences on Psychosocial Development

Journal Article published Sep 1977 in International Journal of Mental Health volume 6 issue 3 on pages 58 to 72

Authors: M. Cusminsky

Puberty as a biological and social event: Implications for research on pharmacology

Journal Article published Dec 1994 in Journal of Adolescent Health volume 15 issue 8 on pages 663 to 671

Authors: Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Julia A. Graber

Lipid reactivity to stress: II. Biological and behavioral influences.

Journal Article published 1999 in Health Psychology volume 18 issue 3 on pages 251 to 261

Authors: Catherine M. Stoney, Linda Bausserman, Raymond Niaura, Bess Marcus, Mary Flynn

Biological bases of clinical anxiety, Barry N. Burijon, 2007, Published by W.W. Norton & Company, Inc., New York, ISBN: 0393704696

Journal Article published Dec 2008 in Stress and Health volume 24 issue 5 on pages 419 to 420

Authors: Yingbo Guo, Cai Song

Depressive illness: biological mechanisms of cardiac risk

Journal Article published Aug 2008 in Stress and Health volume 24 issue 3 on pages 213 to 222

Authors: Tye Dawood, Elisabeth A. Lambert, David A. Barton, Gavin W. Lambert

Sex Differences in Exercise Behavior During Adolescence: Is Biological Maturation a Confounding Factor?

Journal Article published May 2008 in Journal of Adolescent Health volume 42 issue 5 on pages 480 to 485

Authors: Sean P. Cumming, Martyn Standage, Fiona Gillison, Robert M. Malina

Changes in cortical protein markers of iron transport with gender, major depressive disorder and suicide

Journal Article published 4 Dec 2018 in The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry on pages 1 to 23

Research funded by Department of Health, State Government of Victoria | National Health and Medical Research Council | One in Five Association | CRC for Mental Health | Andrew and Claire Heenan Ride for Ben

Authors: Brian Dean, Andrew Tsatsanis, Linh Q. Lam, Elizabeth Scarr, James A. Duce

Biological adaptation, digestive disorders, and health services

Journal Article published Apr 1978 in Psychosomatics volume 19 issue 4 on pages 200 to 207

Authors: Thomas P. Almy

Midlife stress alters memory and mood-related behaviors in old age: Role of locally activated glucocorticoids

Journal Article published Mar 2018 in Psychoneuroendocrinology volume 89 on pages 13 to 22

Research funded by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council | University of Edinburgh Centre for Cognitive Ageing and Cognitive Epidemiology | Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council | Economic and Social Research Council | Medical Research Council

Authors: Nicola Wheelan, Christopher J. Kenyon, Anjanette P. Harris, Carolynn Cairns, Emad Al Dujaili, Jonathan R. Seckl, Joyce L.W. Yau

The interaction between stress and positive affect in predicting mortality

Journal Article published Sep 2017 in Journal of Psychosomatic Research volume 100 on pages 53 to 60

Research funded by cross council Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Initiative (MR/K026992/1) | Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council | Medical Research Council

Authors: Judith A. Okely, Alexander Weiss, Catharine R. Gale

Emotional labour in medical professions. Review of literature from the period 2010–2017

Journal Article published 29 Jun 2018 in Psychiatria i Psychologia Kliniczna volume 18 issue 2 on pages 194 to 199

Authors: Maciej Załuski, Department of Health Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland, Marta Makara-Studzińska, Department of Health Psychology, Faculty of Health Sciences, Collegium Medicum of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland

The Effect of Sexual and Reproductive Health Education on Knowledge and Self-Efficacy of School Counselors

Journal Article published Nov 2018 in Journal of Adolescent Health volume 63 issue 5 on pages 615 to 620

Research funded by Ethics Committee of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (IR.TUMS.VCR.REC.1395.112) | Iranian Registry of Clinical Trails (201607039975N.) | Tehran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services (31883-28-1-95)

Authors: Fatemeh Alavi-Arjas, Farnaz Farnam, Mehrnaz Granmayeh, Hamid Haghani

179. Influence of Biological Maturation And The Physical Activity Level In The Health of Female Adolescents

Journal Article published Feb 2019 in Journal of Adolescent Health volume 64 issue 2 on pages S91 to S92

Authors: Giovana Chekin Portella, Mayara Araújo Torres, Daniel Leite Portella, Maria José Carvalho Sant'Anna

Translating basic research knowledge on the biological embedding of early-life stress into novel approaches for the developmental programming of lifelong health

Journal Article published Dec 2018 in Psychoneuroendocrinology

Research funded by Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (01KR1301) | U.S. Public Health Service (National Institutes of Health) | European Research Council | Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft | NIH MH

Authors: Christine M. Heim, Sonja Entringer, Claudia Buss