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Experimental model for ELF-EMF exposure: Concern for human health

Journal Article published Jan 2015 in Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences volume 22 issue 1 on pages 75 to 84

Authors: C. D’Angelo, E. Costantini, M.A. Kamal, M. Reale

Introduction. The health of Gulf War veterans

Journal Article published 29 Apr 2006 in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences volume 361 issue 1468 on pages 531 to 532

Authors: Simon Wessely

Impact of Drinking Water Treatment on Poultry Health and Performances: An Experimental Study

Journal Article published 1 Jan 2017 in OnLine Journal of Biological Sciences volume 17 issue 1 on pages 1 to 6

Authors: Cherifa Boumedous, Zouhir Djerrou, Youcef Hamdi Pacha

Health Status of Elderly living in Government and Private Old Age Home in Nepal

Journal Article published 1 Apr 2018 in Asian Journal of Biological Sciences volume 11 issue 4 on pages 173 to 178

Authors: Hom Nath Chalise, Sahara Mishra

Mass Spectrometry in the Health and Life Sciences

Chapter published 1996 in Mass Spectrometry in the Biological Sciences on pages 1 to 4

Authors: Judith L. Vaitukaitis, Maureen Mylander

Working conditions and public health risks in slaughterhouses in western Kenya

Journal Article published 5 Jan 2017 in BMC Public Health volume 17 issue 1

Research funded by Wellcome Trust (085308) | Medical Research Council | Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

Authors: Elizabeth Anne Jessie Cook, William Anson de Glanville, Lian Francesca Thomas, Samuel Kariuki, Barend Mark de Clare Bronsvoort, Eric Maurice Fèvre

Modulating inhibitors of transthyretin fibrillogenesis via sulfation: Polychlorinated biphenyl sulfates as models

Journal Article published Feb 2015 in Chemico-Biological Interactions volume 228 on pages 1 to 8

Research funded by National Institutes of Health | National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences | University of Iowa Environmental Health Sciences Research Center

Authors: Fabian A. Grimm, Hans-Joachim Lehmler, Xianran He, Larry W. Robertson, Michael W. Duffel


Journal Article published Dec 1970 in American Journal of Public Health and the Nations Health volume 60 issue 12 on pages 2417 to 2417

Authors: Paul S. Anderson

Exposure Assessment of Biological Agents in Indoor Environments

Journal Article published 30 Aug 2009 in Korean Journal of Environmental Health Sciences volume 35 issue 4 on pages 239 to 248

Authors: Ju-Hyeong Park

The Life Cycle of Dwarf Stentors

Journal Article published 2017 in Letters in Health and Biological Sciences volume 2 issue 1 on pages 1 to 4

Authors: Benjamin Scherlag, The Department of Medicine, The Heart Rhythm Institute, The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City