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Research awards of 1967 society of biological psychiatry

Journal Article published Feb 1967 in Life Sciences volume 6 issue 3 on page 335

Biological effects of resveratrol

Journal Article published Jan 2000 in Life Sciences volume 66 issue 8 on pages 663 to 673

Authors: Lucie Frémont

The structure and the biological activities of sulfopoluglucans — I. The biological activity of sulfoevernan

Journal Article published Nov 1969 in Life Sciences volume 8 issue 21 on pages 1223 to 1233

Authors: V. Stefanovich

New aspects in the biological role of zinc: A stabilizer of macromolecules and biological membranes

Journal Article published Oct 1973 in Life Sciences volume 13 issue 8 on pages 1041 to 1049

Authors: Milos Chvapil

On biological degradation of nitrilotriacetate (NTA)

Journal Article published Sep 1967 in Life Sciences volume 6 issue 18 on pages 1961 to 1962

Authors: Curt Forsberg, Göran Lindqvist

Biological characterization of “mast cell sensitizing” antibodies

Journal Article published Jul 1963 in Life Sciences volume 2 issue 7 on pages 465 to 474

Authors: Ivan Mota

Biological Significance of Methylated Derivatives of Lysine and Arginine

Journal Article published Apr 1977 in Life Sciences volume 20 issue 8 on page 1463

Biological significance of methylated derivatives of lysine and Arginine

Journal Article published Feb 1977 in Life Sciences volume 20 issue 3 on pages 385 to 392

Authors: E. Tyihák, B. Szende, K. Lapis

Spectroscopic and biological studies of spin-labeled tetracycline

Journal Article published Jan 1992 in Life Sciences volume 50 issue 20 on pages 1561 to 1565

Authors: Abbas Pezeshk, Vida Pezeshk

Neurokinin receptor subtypes characterized by biological assays

Journal Article published Jan 1994 in Life Sciences volume 54 issue 26 on pages 2035 to 2047

Authors: D. Regoli, Q.T. Nguyen, D. Jukic