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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing

Journal Article published Apr 1996 in American Journal of Nursing volume 96 issue 4 on page 16T

Authors: &NA;

RF/Microwave Interaction with Biological Tissues

Journal Article published Aug 2006 in Health Physics volume 91 issue 2 on page 171

Authors: Geoffrey G. Eichholz

Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism

Journal Article published Mar 2004 in Health Physics volume 86 issue 3 on page 319

Authors: Carson A. Riland


Journal Article published May 1981 in Family & Community Health volume 4 issue 1 on page 111

Authors: &NA;

Biological Dosimetry after Extensive Diagnostic X-Ray Exposure

Journal Article published Feb 1995 in Health Physics volume 68 issue 2 on pages 266 to 269

Authors: J. Weber, W. Scheid, H. Traut

Medical—Biological and Ecological Impacts of Radioactive Contamination of the Techa River,

Journal Article published Jan 2003 in Health Physics volume 84 issue 1 on pages 117 to 118

Authors: Michael T. Ryan

The Biological Hazards of 14C

Journal Article published May 1980 in Health Physics volume 38 issue 5 on pages 839 to 843

Authors: P. B. Roberts, H. C. Sutton

Lung Clearance Modeling on the Basis of Physiological and Biological Parameters

Journal Article published Jul 1989 in Health Physics volume 57 on pages 255 to 262

Authors: M. Roy

Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation

Journal Article published Jun 1971 in Health Physics volume 20 issue 6 on pages 567 to 575

Authors: William C. Milroy, Sol M. Michaelson

Savannah River Plant Biological Monitoring Program

Journal Article published Mar 1965 in Health Physics volume 11 issue 3 on pages 211 to 214

Authors: R. S. Harvey