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Diffusion, implementation and consequences of new health technology : The cases of biological drugs for rheumatoid arthritis and the Swedish national guidelines

Monograph published 15 Jan 2015

Authors: Almina Kalkan, Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Division of Health Care Analysis, Linköping University, Sweden

Zopiclone degradation in biological samples : Characteristics and consequences in forensic toxicology

Monograph published 8 Apr 2014

Authors: Gunnel Nilsson, Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Division of Drug Research, Linköping University

Biological science : an inquiry into life /

Monograph published 1968

Authors: Biological Sciences Curriculum Study., John Alexander Moore

Financial analysis of health programs / Ministry of Health, Management Sciences for Health.

Monograph published 1997

Standard values in nutrition and metabolism, being the second fascicle of a handbook of biological data. Prepared under the direction of the Committee on the Handbok of Biological Data, American Institute of Biological Sciences, National Research Council.

Monograph published 1954

Authors: Errett C. Albritton, American Institute of Biological Sciences.

Trace elements in plant physiology, with a report of the proceedings [of a symposium organized by the International Union of Biological Sciences] by T. Wallace, and a foreword by M. J. Sirks.

Monograph published 1950

Authors: International Union of Biological Sciences.

Stress & Health: Biological and Psychological Interactions

Monograph published 2005

Health, Illness, and Optimal Aging: Biological and Psychosocial Perspectives

Monograph published 2004

The Biological Basis of Nursing

Monograph published 2003

Authors: William T Blows

The Enculturated Gene

Monograph published 31 Jan 2011

Authors: Duana Fullwiley