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Journal Issue published 2 Apr 2018 in Journal of Health & Biological Sciences volume 6 issue 2

Journal Issue published 9 Oct 2018 in Journal of Health & Biological Sciences volume 6 issue 4

Journal Issue published 2 Jul 2018 in Journal of Health & Biological Sciences volume 6 issue 3

Journal Issue published 2018 in Letters in Health and Biological Sciences volume 3 issue 1

Biological Mechanisms Underlying Addiction

Journal Article published 18 May 2018 in International Journal of Human and Health Sciences (IJHHS) volume 2 issue 3 on page 107

Authors: Ilhan Yargic

Role of Probiotic Health Drinks In Health Sector

Journal Article published 30 Jan 2018 in Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences volume 8 issue 1

GC–MS explores the health care components in the extract of Pterocarpus pedatus Pierre

Journal Article published Sep 2018 in Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences volume 25 issue 6 on pages 1183 to 1188

Authors: Juntao Chen

Health Implications Associated with Aspartame Consumption: A Substantial Review

Journal Article published 1 Mar 2018 in Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences volume 21 issue 3 on pages 127 to 134

Authors: Ab Qayoom Naik, Tabassum Zafar, Vinoy K Shrivastav

Molecular and cellular mechanisms of chemoresistance in pancreatic cancer

Journal Article published May 2018 in Advances in Biological Regulation volume 68 on pages 77 to 87

Research funded by School Of Biomedical Sciences | CHIRI | Faculty of Health Sciences Curtin University | Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation | Keith & Ann Vaughan Pancreatic Cancer | Curtin University Health Sciences Faculty International Research | AB Analitica | Australian Rotary Health

Authors: Aleksandra Adamska, Omar Elaskalani, Aikaterini Emmanouilidi, Minkyoung Kim, Norbaini Binti Abdol Razak, Pat Metharom, Marco Falasca

Health Issues for Psychosocial Counselling in Children

Conference Paper published 2018 in Proceedings of the 2017 2nd International Conference on Biological Sciences and Technology (BST 2017)

Authors: Hector Chiboola