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Usability Evaluation for ‘Komputer Saya’: Multimedia Courseware for Slow Learners

Chapter published 2011 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science on pages 104 to 113

Authors: Norfarhana Abdollah, Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad, Emelia Akashah Patah Akhir

Complex Engineered Systems

Chapter published in Unifying Themes in Complex Systems on pages 227 to 274

Authors: Dan Braha, Nam Suh, Steven Eppinger, Michael Caramanis, Dan Frey

Stochastic Analysis 2010

Book published 2011

Editors: Dan Crisan

Spa Treatment

Chapter published in Encyclopedia of Pain on pages 2202 to 2204

Authors: Dan Buskila


Chapter published 2011 in Encyclopedia of Cancer on pages 1432 to 1436

Authors: Dan Peer


Chapter published in Encyclopedia of Cancer on pages 184 to 188

Authors: Dan G. Duda


Chapter published in Encyclopedia of Cancer on pages 1145 to 1148

Authors: Dan Peer

Dan Campbell Diamond

Chapter published in Dictionary of Gems and Gemology on pages 234 to 234

Psychosomatik der Frau

Book published 1986

Authors: Dan G. Hertz, H. Molinski


Chapter published 27 Oct 2010 in Stochastic Analysis 2010 on pages 1 to 6

Authors: Dan Crisan