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Cooperative Hybrid-ARQ Protocols: Unified Frameworks for Protocol Analysis

Journal Article published 4 Oct 2011 in ETRI Journal volume 33 issue 5 on pages 759 to 769

Authors: Ilmu Byun

Practical network-coding scheme for two-way relay channels employing a rate-compatible punctured code

Journal Article published 2009 in IEICE Electronics Express volume 6 issue 21 on pages 1522 to 1527

Authors: Ilmu Byun, Kwang Soon Kim

Preparation and Characterization of Biomass-Derived Advanced Carbon Materials for Lithium-Ion Battery Applications

Journal Article published 25 Apr 2018 in Journal of Electronic Materials

Research funded by Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (No.1139/F/2015)

Authors: Andri Hardiansyah, Elsy Rahimi Chaldun, Bebeh Wahid Nuryadin, Anti Khoerul Fikriyyah, Achmad Subhan, Muhammad Ghozali, Bambang Sunendar Purwasasmita